Ruins of Tyrus
Born: August 13th, 1984
Status: Alive
Gender: Male
  • 31 (As of 2015)
  • 40 (As of 2024)

Kara Leina Rivera (Adopted Little Sister)

  • Leader of the Linkin Park Fans of War
Fire Arms United Nazi War Era...

The Plague Era...

Known For: The PROJECT

2091riveraisrael Was one of the main cast members of the United Nazi War Series, making his first appearance in Operation Kittredge. Prior to the United Nazi War, 2091 in the early is credited for the creation of The First Power, in 2009 during the events of the Second Nero War, after the war's end he shelved the Power at Hollow Hill where it remained until the events of The Blitz was unleashed on New England.

He took part in several battles in the United Nazi War using The Power up to his advantage, despite such a sugnifficant success against German Armored divisions and patrols 2091 sustained severe hand injuries from the Power's nonstop over heation. Despite these initial wounds he would continue to fight on until January 23rd of 2012, during the Battle of Hollow Hill, when he and the rest of the L.F.O.W Went missing Afterwords.

His fate, along with his followers were unknown beyond that. He retruned during the Third Battle of Tyrus in July of 2012, revealing that he had survived the Hollow Hill Attack, and continued to battle of Nazi Germany while using the Power, he eventually regrouped with Zero, and Shadow Hill in Dead Manhattan where they roamed the city for 4 days after a violent Hurricane struch the ruins. Having to survie the Hurricane 2091 Zero, and Shadow would continue fighting off Nazi Germany until the United Nazi War's end in 2015.

He is Portrayed by 2091riveraisrael himself, the creator of the United Nazi War Web Series.

Early Years

Though Born in The U.S. In Teaneck New Jersey in 1984, 2091 Grew Up in Western Germany During the Cold War. He spent most of his days hanging around the Eastern Boarder watching the Soviets guard the boarder line. He later grew interested in War after reading the where about of the Second World War, but disliked it due to the fact of the Nazi Holocaust. 2091riveraisrael later moved back to the United States, into the State of Michigan On April 2nd, 1991, where months later he discovered that the Soviet Union finally dissolved on the 25th, of December. "Man I wish I was still In Germany to witness that." He complained, but had no doubts for at least he was there to see the Berlin Wall crumble in 89. 2091 began to spend much time on creativity, and began writing fictional war stories involving the Soviet Union, and fictional armies clashing against one another for power.

His Creativity began to get the better of him when he reached age 19, when he began to focus more on his stories than on his school Work. He than stated that he couldn't help it that he was born with that gift, and couldn't get rid of it. On June 7th, 2004, 2091's family adopted an 8 year old Girl name Kara Amelia Leina (Who would later become Kara Leina Rivera) who lost her parents in a tragic car accident 2 years ago. 2091 took pride in his new baby sister at first, but through the years Kara had shown feelings much stronger than those of a Sibling. These antics soon got 2091 very annoyed.


2091riveraisrael's leadership skills are known to be well of both Military, and Militia personal. Some of the L.F.O.W. forces would sometimes refer to 2091 as the Real Scholar Visari of the Kill Zone Universe, in which his speeches to the L.F.O.W appear to be similar, it was than stated by Kara, that 2091riveraisrael is a huge fan of the Kill Zone series, in which could be the reason on why he dose his own speeches similar to scholar Visari of the Helghast.


NOTE: This is the real live history of the PROJECT. It is stated by 2091riveraisrael that the Character 2091 Uses the same talents as he...

The Project also known as the Godzilla Team: Era, Was started by meowjar In December 7th, of 2006 when Rivera made his first appearance in a book Series known as the Pack Monster Series that ran from December 2006 to January 2007. After the books, meowjar began to create other FanFics which state Rivera A.K.A Godzilla 2000, fighting different types of monsters, both Toho and idea related throughout the year 2007. After these major success, meowjar began to focus on even bigger projects starting in 2008, when he created the first video known as Jerry Rivera A.K.A Godzilla 2000, on, after words it brought about the beginning of the Gif & Still frame Era, to the Godzilla Team Project.

The Gif & Still frame Era, was at first done by meowjar himself until he met YouTuber GODZILLA1025 who liked meowjar's ideas and created his own monster known as Israel Willioughby A.K.A his real name, as Godzilla 1991. Production for story lines began between the 2 YouTubers throughout 2008 until 2011.

Production of Godzilla Team was known to be minor in It's history with Gifs and animation pictures pulled from Photobucket in the early year of 2008. It was known at first to be just still frames along with gifs, before it became known with movie clips and anime clips. The Gifs and Still frame Era finally came to an end on June 26th, 2011 when meowjar was locked out of his old YouTube account on June 4th, 2011. After his major lock out he was recreated another YouTube account known as 2091riveraisrael, which would be known as his new name to replace his old one. 2091riveraisrael later created Godzilla's Task, and later on the Godzilla Team: R & I Web Series, which would mark Godzilla Team's first official Web Series since The Project's founding in 2006.

One of the most popular Web Seires in Godzilla Team's History, Godzilla Team R & I was cancelled on July 26, due to exhaustion, Work on the other side, and too much stress, and Solo Work. The Movie was never completed after the Series cancellation and was abandoned after 2091riveraisrael posted his announcement on his YouTube Channel stating the Cancellation of the Web Series, despite him saying that it was on Hiatus. 2091riveraisrael later stated that the Series was completely cancelled due to lack of help and stress put together, most of all doing it Solo.

The Cancellation of Godzilla Team: R & I Thought by everyone to have put an end to the Godzilla Team Project, but was known to just be the beginning. Despite 2091riveraisrael not uploading any other Godzilla related videos on his channel throughout 2011, he finally received an email on his YouTube private message box from Legendarywerewolf206, stating that he wanted to help the project, that he has created 6 years ago, and revive his web series that was cancelled back in 2011. After 2091riveraisrael's okay Production of a new Web Series began with Legendarywerewolf206 writing it, and 2091riveraisrael producing it.

The Era of the Godzilla Motions was over, the Era of the Crossover was now in production and was about to begin. The Era of the Cross over began after 2091riveraisrael began posting 3 trailers on the Seven Seals and later the first major Pilot of the new Web Series, Rivera's Nightmare, on February 28th, of 2011.

Founding Of the Linkin Park Fan Of War

The Linkin Park Fans Of War, Were established in the Early 21st Century On November 8th, of 2006. It was known to be a simulation in order for him to try and simulate his ideas into reality rather than paper. It started first in various simulations with nothing but airsoft guns, than transferring to actual guns on April 3rd, 2009, after 2091 gathered enough funds in order to purchase Weapons from Military.Net. By 10 Weeks, in 4 months He soon purchased a grand total of about 250,000, in order to fuel his Fan Military. A Flag was created as well during the Fan Military's founding in 2006, with the Linkin Park Symbol from the Hybrid Theory Album wedged in the middle with Lightning bolts staggering from all around. 2091riveraisrael became fond of Military skills and would often practice every often in the regions of Michigan tellin the L.F.O.W to attack certain regions around Hollow Hill, where dummies are located in order to attack it. The L.F.O.W later came into contact with the United Alliance Of Bush's Fans In late 2010, and signed a form of alliance with them, despite 2091riveraisrael's dislike of Kate Bush songs, he did it in order not to start a war.


First Nero War

Main article: First Nero War

2091riveraisrael during the dawn of 2008, would often spend most of his time with the Linkin Park Fan Of War, than spend time with his little sister like he used to before the L.F.O.W. was founded in 2006.

After 2091 accidentally forgets to show up to Karla's movie Primer of American Girl, Kit Kittredge, she was left with nothing more but a broken heart, and anger. Realizing that war was what 2091riveraisrael ever cared about 2091's little sister organized her own faction known as the Kit Kittredge legion and declared war on 2091riveraisrael. The First Nero War was a war for strategic control of 2091riveraisrael's War Efforts. As the L.F.O.W more or less held a highly lucrative monopoly over the vital Kittredge lands and hang out spots, throughout Michigan. It was almost inevitable that they would be prepared to secede from the United Alliance, once the Kittredge Legion was outta of the way.

Second Nero War

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Development Of the Rapid Power

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In the wake of Defeat On November 27th, due to 2091riveraisrael's failure to regain his war
2091riveraisrael & The Rapid Power

2091riveraisrael with the Rapid Power during the end Of the Second Nero War...

effort, and his fan militia going into Dept a second time. 2091 orders all L.F.O.W Forces to stage a defense strategy, expanding from the town Of Sega, to Nero Fields. As the remnants of the L.F.O.W fought hard against Several attacks caused by the United Alliance and United Alliance of Kate Bush's Fans. 2091riveraisrael developed a new kind of Assault rifle, that was known to shoot through any thick walls with a powerful Punching power, with It's design similar to the AK-47. This new rifle was known as the Rapid Power mostly due to It's punching Power, that was known to be stronger than those of an Automatic Barret, and the first rifle in History to ever fire Electrical volts of Lightning.
AK-47 Of Rapid Power

2091 with the Rapid Power, durnt the final Engagement At Jorgan Heights In the Second Nero War...

The Range of the Rapid Power was known to shoot out a grand total of about 900 Yards, depending on the power of that the rifle is set on. The stronger, the Power the Blast of Electricity might go beyond 900, possibly reaching the thousands, when strong enough it is even stated that the Rapid Power would have enough punching strength to destroy an Entire Tiger Tank with a single blast, but these effects would often cause the rifle to over heat, slowing down the gunners firing positions, as well as the rifle being more and more difficult to keep Accurate. When the Rapid Power is on at full blast the Gunner must hold onto the Side Grips in order to keep the rifle In range otherwise the Rapid Power could fly back and and shock the Gunner instead of the Enemy. The Gun's reloading systems is pulling back on the side grips allowing the gun to gain It's charge so it can fire again.

Despite the successful testing of the Rapid Power, 2091riveraisrael never had the time to create a large stock, mostly due to the war coming towards him with each passing hour. The Rifle was designed to fire Repeated Electrical Bolts at a rate of about 895 Volts. The Power was so Intense that the Electrical Blasts would carve through just about anything it strikes, making it the most feared rifle in Military history.

United Nazi War

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Battle Of the Grand Mountains

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Vara Grove Skirmish

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Operation Futile

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Fall Of Sega

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Third Battle Of Tyrus

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Battle Of Berlin

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The Third Nero War

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The Plague Uprising

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Plague Day

2091riveraisrael is about to enter the house of Sarah, after discovering the initial info on The Plague, he reaches the town of Norason only to see the city in ruins, which causes a great deal of shock. While on the way towards Kara's new apartment, 2091 comes into contact with several Plague forces , though he is able to kill a large quality of them off, the noise of gunfire would later attract the rest and 2091riveraisrael barely escapes them, by jumping over the fence to a nearby house. He decides to look for help inside, finding a pool of blood in the kitchen and an answering machine containing messages that tells of the quickly worsening situation for the couple that lived in the house, causing 2091riveraisrael to feel even more horrified on the situation.

He later discovers his little sister dead on the ground next to the back entrance, while the second message on the answering machinge is playing, where from there he also discovers the Aqua Power locate along with her, towards her left side, in which he grabs the rifle off the ground and places it on his back along side the Power, hoping to destroy it as soon as he gets outta of the situation, that he is in now.

He later discovers a cell phone in a kitchen counter, in which caused his surprise and is contacted by Sarah, the young girl who lives in the house. At first 2091 dosen't know who it is, until she reveals that she has been hiding in her tree house while her parents are away in Meran. Sarah soon reveals herself, in which she is over joyed to see him, but due to 2091's low IQ of being about 77%, as well as lack of socializing, he has no memory of her.

Sarah suddenly screams and 2091 is attacked by a squad of Plague forces, 2091 managed to hold them off with the Power, but the intense burning from the rifle's hull would later cause him to get vulnerable. 2091 is nearly shot by a sniper hidden in the ruins of another house, but Sarah uses a mirror in order to blind the Sniper allowing 2091 to wipe out the rest of the infantry attacking the house, as well as eventually kills the sniper in the ruins with the Aqua Power, due to hand damage. Surprised on her bravery and ways of actually making the Sniper blind, 2091riveraisrael came up with an idea to hand Sarah to the police so that way she'd be safe, but Sarah declines, and wants to go with him instead 2091 accepts her along, as long as she promises that she'll allow him to bring her somewhere where it would be better prepared, and safer than around him.

Escapin Norason

Depending on what 2091riveraisrael chose, 2091 and Sarah left the house immediately or waited until dark in Sarah's tree house. If they left during the day, they headed outside and 2091 regroups with his closesest friends, Zero, Tarah, and Shadow. They were trying to get out of the city and into the country side of North Western Georgia, but the road was blocked by cars, and trenches from the previous battle which took place. Zero offered to take 2091 and Sarah with him as soon as possible After clearing the road, they escaped Plague forces while in hot pursuit and drove into the country side.

If 2091 chose to wait until night, they walked into the street and meet Shawn Karr and a policeman named Andrew. Shawn stated that his friend was killed earlier, and offered them a ride into the country side. Plague scout helicopters later found them causing them to enter into the police car and escape the city.

The Country Side

After escaping into the country side. They broke down some where along the Highway known as Route 89, a passage that separates Norason, and the Pa Fields. Upon arriving, they stumble upon an old man who asked Sarah if she knew 2091riveraisrael. She said yes and the old man then took care of the survivors. Hershel then questioned 2091 about his whereabouts and doings before the Uprising. Players determined whether to lie directly to him, or be as honest as possible (slightly edited version of the truth, only leaving out the most troublesome details.) The next day, 2091 was regrouped to John, aka Zero Jr, Zero and Tarah, and Shadow where they started to help around the farm. As 2091 was helping the old man in the barn, The oldman, (if he was directly lied to), confronted 2091 about it. He regardless, also told Lee that trust and honesty are important when dealing with other people, especially with the trying times ahead.

As they talk, someone screams and they leave the barn to investigate. the old man goes and gets his gun while 2091 goes to see what's going on. When he gets to where the source of the noise, he sees Shawn underneath a tractor, along with a large column of Plague forces headed for the farm It seems that John. might have been involved with Shawn being trapped. There are the Plague starts to open fire upon the barn near the tractor, and Shawn is shot twice in the brain. Another attempted to attack John but the soldier going after John was slaughtered by Zero.

Though the first wave of attackers was repelled Plague Gunships soon arrived in the skies and began to pound the farm from above causing every one to abandon the farm. The old man is shot in the arm and dies of Blood loss just before Zero can treat his wounds. As a saddened Zero and his family prepare to leave, he encourages 2091 and Sarah to come with them.

Akerson City

After escaping the battle at the farm, they fled East where they run out of gas and run into an occupied city known as Akerson, the Survivors are attacked by Plague forces, and were almost outnumbered, but are saved by a group holed up in Drug Store. A 20 year old woman named Mora Medina (Little Sister of Zero Medina) saves John from being shot, and they run inside. There is an argument over how risky it was to save them and what to do with John, as it is suspected he has been shot, and had to be put out of his misery. 2091 can side with Mar, one of the group, or Zero. After choosing, Sarah is attacked by a Plague guards man, but who was saved by 2091, with help from Mora.

Mar, the father of Liera starts to have a heart attack and Liera says they have ran out of pills, so 2091 goes looking for the keys to the Pharmacy and learns that Akerson had fell to the Plague about 2 days ago. 2091 helps out around the store, where he later finds the office of the store and enters it, followed by Sarah. From here on Mora arrives from out of no where and reveals she knows who he is stating that she remembered seeing him when she was just a little girl. 2091 can decide whether to listen to her or not, and decide whether to tell Sarah what he did that was wrong, and that was Creating The Rapid Power. After Mora leaves to go and continue chatting with her older brother, 2091 manages to discover a cane in the office, in which causes him to smile. Sarah than asks what it was and he replies that it was his grandfathers. He also explains that he used to come to this drug store all the time to get Prescriptions, and that one day he left his cane by accident, this event causes Sarah to laugh a bit, as she heads back and lean against the door. 2091 can either continue searching around the office, or talk to Sarah, either way would be a good decision.

2091 than attempts to move a desk out of the way to try and get into the Pharmacy, Sarah however volunteers to help, and the 2 move the desk out of the way little by little. While doing so, Sarah starts to question, if 2091 ever had kids, a family, and even a Girlfriend. The first one he replies no, along with the 3rd, (Which in secrecy, Sarah can be seen with a smile that he never was once in a relationship revealing that she might have a crush on him.) but the second one where she asked if he didn't have a family hurted. He than attempts to try and change the subject with her, asking what her parents do.

She gladly responds saying that her mother was a business President, and that her father was a race car driver, in which he replies that it was some awesome jobs. Sarah than asks what is his Job. 2091 however could either lie or be honest with Sarah, do to not having a real job, 2091 would lie and state that he use to work for a video game studio, until he got fired, in which Sarah would feel bad, but would later find out in the end that he had no job, and would start to lose trust in him. If honest Sarah would be mostly surprised, and shocked that he never once worked. She than says that he still hasn't answered her question about the family. 2091 than attempts to change the subject again, by trying to tell her to move the desk a little more away. She dose so, but than starts to grow concerns, and starts to ask why he doesn't wanna talk about his family.

In the brink of defeat, 2091 can either. Answer her with a lie, be honest, or not say anything at all. If tellin the truth, 2091 mentions that his father died, in the events of The United Nazi War 13 years ago, and that his mother, and him never saw eye to, eye and that she died from a sniper shot in the end events of the UNW war. She responds by holding his hand and apologizing for her question.

After that Shadow calls on the radio and says he is trapped at the Tra Motel. Mora, Zero, and 2091 go out to get Shadow and learn that the area is crawling with Plague forces. After a couple of stealthy attacks, the trio regroup with shadow in the parking lot, where they discover a portable TV that still works in one of the vans, they get a hold of the TV and decides to use in order to find out what is going on the Planet.

After the motel engagement, they return to the Pharmacy and 2091 and Zero go out to the gate to look around and find a dead Plague soldier trapped under a pole. with the keys to the Pharmacy in his hand. 2091 attempts to get the keys, but a soon as he got them a Scout helicopter surprised him by shingin the lights on him forcing him to fall back into the Pharmacy with Zero opening fire at it.

With the keys, 2091riveraisrael and Leira enter the medical section of the store but the Helicoter outside fires upon The Drug Store. Now they must hold out until Kenny retrieves his truck and can get them out. After locking the entrance doors, 2091 is then given a choice to save Shadow or Zero (In which either the Iron, or Magnetic Power is destroyed). After the other dies, 2091 must then turn his attention to saving Sarah from a soldier, that just broke in. On their way out, 2091 is blocked by Mar. Mar assaults 2091 by knocking him to the floor, with a horde of Plague closing in on him. Just before 2091 is attacked by a solider, Zero comes to the rescue.


The survivors relocate to the motel where they intend to set up a base. Mar reveals that he also knows about 2091's past during the United Nazi War, and will not hesitate to use it against him if ever steps out of line. Just when things seem calm and for the most part peaceful, the street lights begin shutting off and all the power goes off. Forcing Zero, 2091 and Mora to leave the motel and attempt to salvage Generators from the neary by occupied city of Klang, about 12 miles away. Upon entering the city the Trio manage to uptain the Generators, but ended up having to fight there way out, and almost didn't make it out alive. The trio returned back to the Motel, where Power was restored.

3 Months Later

After three months since the Uprising started, 2091 is seen hunting in the forest with Mora, and Zero. They talk about Zero's, and Liera and the arguments they have as Liera is rationing food and Zero is trying to feed his family. They are then interrupted when they hear screaming and find three survivors: Paul Johnson, his friend Travis Rowland, and their teacher, David Para. David's leg is caught in a bear trap and 2091 must choose whether to leave David behind or save him. Regardless either David or Travis will die. If David is left to die Travis is accidentally shot trying to go for one of the rifles, but if David is freed (by cutting off his leg) Travis is distracted before the Plague arrive and attempt to capture him, by the time Travis escapes he is shot between the eyes.

After taking Travis/David back to the motor inn with Kenny and Mark, Liera will yell at them for bringing back more mouths to feed. She decides that 2091 should take charge by giving him the group's rations. Depending on who is handed food, 2091riveraisrael can either improve or mend his relations with other members of the group. After dividing the third ration he has to decide if he will eat or if he will give someone else the last ration. Afterwards, 2091 is informed by Katjaa that the wounded (David or Travis) has died.

They confront Paul (now the only surviving member of his group) and ask him why they didn't tell them his friend was shot. Paul swears that the Plague are monsters, and that they even brought 80% Of the Middle East, as well as asia under there occupation. Shadow or Zero (depending on who 2091 saved in the last episode) can be heard shouting at some survivors outside the Motel.

The Dairy Skirmish

They introduce themselves as Jack and Lawrence Young John. They offer a deal; they need gas for their generator and 2091's group needs food. 2091, Shadow or Zero, Mora and Paul go with them. During this time they witness two bandits arguing in the woods. The heated argument ends when one shoots the other in the head repeatedly killing him instantly.

After moving on they arrive at the Young Family Dairy that Zero instantly takes liking to. 2091 is slightly suspicious and tells Zero to keep an eye open, in which snaps him backs to his senses. After being introduced to Dora Young John they offer to help clear up the electric fence of 'fried' Plague forces who were trying to get into the farm. Jack Young John has turned off the electrical fence at this time Mark and Lee are removing the walkers who have "fried". After fixing one of the posts, the electricity comes back on, and 2091 is surprised by the fence comin back on; but they are suddenly attacked by Bandits. Zero is shot in the shoulder with an arrow and they both make their way back to the gate via hiding behind a tractor. The bandits withdraw after they reach the gate. At this point Shadow/Zero have informed the others, about the barn and have now arrived at the farm. They are shocked to see Paul has been shot and is immediately taken in by Dora and Tarah. After treating Paul's wounded arm, 2091 learns that Paul and Shadow/Zero have chosen to stay at the Motor Inn until they come back.

At this time Lawrence Young John asks 2091 if he would like to go to the Bandit's camp to get some payback. 2091 can decide to go after checking up on everyone. When he arrives at the Bandit camp he discovers a Camcorder and then Sarah's hat which she had recently lost. April, a lone crazy woman, shows up threatening them with a shot gun, 2091 can choose to kill her immediately with the Rapid Power, or try to reason with her. If he chooses not to kill her she will tell him that she had a little girl whom the bandits abused (probably raped) and perhaps killed. She begins to tell Lawrence she knows what he is and knows what he does to those "people". Lawrence's finger accidentally slips and he quickly shoots her in the forehead, instantly killing her by accident. Regardless of 2091's actions, she will die no matter what. 2091 can either agree with the kill or except Lawrence's apologies.

After returning, 2091 is surprised to see Zero back at the dairy, he seems somewhat suspicious about the Dairy. Liera is still angry about the idea of leaving the Motor Inn and wants to go back, but Mar advises her not to, saying that they should stay for dinner at least. 2091 goes into the barn where he finds John and Sarah. Zero is there with Tarah and Jack. They find a locked door and Zero begins to get increasingly suspicious.

2091riveraisrael than asks Jack about the lock door, in which he actually grows suspicious himself, (For Dora never told either him or Lawrence about it.) As Jack was about to open the door, to the mysterious room the trio is told that dinner is ready. Zero and Sarah leave with John and Tarah, but 2091 stays behind with Jack, and continues to investigate. Upon opening the door he discovers what a slaughter room with bloodstains, Jack gets more suspicious as 2091 starts to question the blood's where abouts in which Jack responds that he was never told, and that he never knew that the place one on the dariy to begin with.

Jack is later called by his mom, in which urges 2091 and Jack to later join them at dinner. He requests to go to the bathroom to investigate, but also says an excuse that Jack and Lawrence should take a better look at the Generators due to rain coming in. Though Dora believed no such action was needed, the 2 brothers agreed and went out with 2091 who decided to join in as well. while on the way Jack explains that he found a room on the dairy that was coated in blood in which Lawrence had a hard time believing. Upon discovering a hidden room, they finds a legless girl named Jade. Jade is barely conscious as warns him about the mother, telling him not to eat dinner revealing that the mother is a Canniable. 2091 and the brothers then has to rush downstairs and warm Sarah not to eat the dinner- however 2091 has to get him there and shout on time. 2091 tells everyone about the food, and the mother slips away while the brothers began to search the house in retaliation for her maddness. After finding her Dora reveals that she was taught never to waste food, as their reasoning for eating humans, and said that Jade was going to die anyway. Jade is heard falling down the stairs where she is seen crawling around calling for help. Filling the group with horror, The Mother uses the distraction and knocks 2091 unconscious.

He next wakes up in a meat locker with Mar, Sarah, Jack, Lawrence, Zero, and Liera. Zero reveals that Dora has Tarah and John, and then Mar unexpectedly has a heart attack (due to his medical condition). He stops breathing and Zero attempts to get his heart running again, but Liera insists that he isn't going to wake up by what he was doing and they need to resuscitate him. 2091 must choose to side with Zero or Liera. Regardless who he chooses Mar dies. Mar is either killed by 2091 and Zero for him to be put out of his misery, or just dies by while trying to resuscitate him. Regarding on 2091's choice Liera will be extremely upset with 2091. Sarah after a boost from Jack, is able to crawl out of the meat locker via air vents and unlocks the door, and Zero goes to find his family while Liera is mourning Mar. 2091 tells Sarah to watch over Liera and leaves with Jack, to find Zero.

The trio are then confronted by Lawrence Young John who betrayed his older brother Jack, because of starvation, Jack is frustrated, and tries to talk some sense into Lawrence stating that she is a Psycho Path, but Lawrence responds by a gun shot in The leg. 2091 attempts to use the Rapid Power in which Lawrence urges him to do so, while in a heavy down pour. Jack is later pulled out of the way while Lawrence is confronting 2091, where his wound was later being treated by Zero as fast as he can go. After treating the wound Jack returns back and Zero continues to look for his family, in which he finds locked in a closet. 2091 now in a stale mate not knowing what to do is being tormented by Lawrence, until a kick in his shins distracts him. He than turns to see Sarah glaring.

This antic causes Lawrence to laugh which gave 2091 time to pounce and start throwing punches in his face. At one point 2091 is punched off, and he attempts to grab the rifle, and aim it at him, only for Sarah to come between him and 2091. At one point Lawrence the gun in an attempt to take them both out, but his arm is stopped by the foot of his elder brother armed with a shot gun. He than knocks out his younger brother and helps 2091 back to his feet, and replies to Sarah as a very brave little girl in which he smiles. 2091 agrees and the 3 go out to find Zero and the others, they meets Mora with Paul. 2091 explains the situation and tells them to go round the back, he than orders Sarah to go along with them as well as Jack, for he also stated that the tense that he designed was too dangerous.

While searchin for Zero 2091 is regrouped with Zero and his family, but there were still no sighs of his son. They are soon confronted by Dora who is holding John hostage. Zero is shot and 2091 attacks and fights Dora, and he eventually gets the upper hand, and 2091 can either choose to savagely kill Dora or leave him for the Plague who heard the sounds and have just started attacking with foot soldiers, and APC's.

After Jack joins the group, and looks at the farm as it gets destroyed by the Plague one last time before walking away in disgust for living a lie.


2091 discovers a car which is seemingly abandoned. The group consider emptying it, but Sarah objects. 2091 can either choose to have himself take Sarah's side, in which case Zero and Tarah loot the car, or he can loot the car himself, and hand out the food items to the others. If the latter is chosen then he finds a hoodie which he gives to Sarah, in which she would not except due to frustration for him stealing, but is evetually persuaded that taking the stuff is okay or not. No matter what, Shadow/Zero comes to him and explain that they found batteries for the camcorder he found earlier at the Bandit camp. They turn it on and discover April watching them at the motor inn. It is revealed that she knew the several of the Bandits by name, calling them "rapists monsters", and that she took a liking to Sarah, seeing her as a replacement for her daughter.

Advancing Towards The Sea

Some time after the Dairy engagement 2091 and Zero go back to the pharmacy to find more medicine. They see an unknown girl running out from one of the buildings. She is quickly surrounded by Plague as well as shot several times in the ribs. Zero as much to his painful disgrace suggests that the girl should be left to the Plague so they can go to pharmacy unnoticed. 2091 either shoots the girl with the Rapid Power attracting the Plague with the stream of Electricity or leaves the girl to be able to slip unnoticed in the store with Zero.

Inside the store Zero picked up as many supplies he could before the Plague could breach and enter the building. Then he runs for another exit only to be attacked by a guard who shot through the door way. After a narrow escape they return to the motor lodge where you learn that bandits have been trying to attack the lodge. Paul is on watch duty, Liera is still upset about her dad, Zero and his family are hanging in, Jack is cleaning his shot gun, and Mora is hanging around, at some point Mora reveals that she has had some "thoughts" about 2091, if 2091 answers back she gives him a kiss on the cheek, while Sarah is keeping herself busy. An argument soon breaks out and Liera reveals to 2091 that some one in the group is stealing medicine from their supplies. 2091 investigates and finds a bag of medicine outside the protective walls hidden in a grate.

The bandits soon attack and it is revealed that someone has been trading medicine for protection. 2091 helps fight off the bandits and helps everyone to escape in the RV, but not before John and Tarah are attacked by Plague who were drawn in from the sounds of gun fire. While escaping in the RV Liera starts to believe that Ben and Jenna are the ones who stole the medicine. The RV is forced to pull over when a trip mine nearly almost destroys the vehicle, but was spared due to the RV turning in time before detonation. While on the side of the road, Zero and Jack tries to get the walker loose, Liera argues with Jenna, Paul claims to be innocent, and 2091 tries to keep the peace. In a fit of anger Liera shoots and kills Jenna. 2091 subdues Liera and demands the gun, holding her within range of The Power. Everyone gets back in the RV except for Liera who is left behind. (or she gets back in the RV (If you tell her to) being held for them to find out what they will do to her later)

While traveling down the road Tarah reveals that the soldiers that attacked her and managed to shoot John 4 times in the leg. They agree to keep going in the hopes that they can find a hospital before it's too late. The group soon has to stop the RV again, but this time due to a partially wrecked train blocking the road.

Zero asks everyone to get out of the RV (Except Liera, if you brought her with you). 2091 goes into the RV and finds a pencil, whereupon Liera comes up and says she is taking the RV, and asks Lee if he wants to come with her. If Lee tries to stop her she throws 2091 out of the RV and takes off. However if Lee agrees to come with her Liera will say that he should go get Sarah. When Lee steps out of the RV she will drive off. Zero would laugh later reveals that the radiator is broken and Liera will only manage to do about 4 miles in the RV.

While searching in one of the train's freight containers 2091 and Jack, meets Chad, a homeless man living in the train's box car who startles them both with his sudden appearance. He asks the 2 if he has taken any of his belongings, nevertheless, whether you decide to be truthful to him or dishonest, Chad joins the group.

Once the train gets moving it is apparent that John will not last the journey. After 2091, helps Tarah take care of him he will talk with or Zero to stop the train. Both Tarah and Zero want to be ones to relieve John of his pain. No matter what decision 2091 makes in the matter, Tarah will be the one to take John in the woods. After a shot is heard Zero and 2091 travel into the woods to discover that Tarah has just been shot by a sniper. Zero takes the pistol while 2091 is lookin around for the sniper with the Rapid Pwer, than finishes the job on John putting out of his misery.

They continue on the track. After a while they stop because there is a truck hanging off the edge of a bridge and blocking the path. During an argument between Zero and Chad, two more survivors appear on the bridge, Neia and Orson. They turn out to be helpful and decide to assist them in removing the truck from their path. 2091 attempts to head over to the rail house and check it out, but Sarah asks to join, in which 2091 can either agree or dis agree. If agreed Sarah would be with him the hole time, and actually be a big help for squeezing through small surfaces, if dis agreed Sarah would turn up any way to help. While searching through the large where house with Sarah moving in through vents, and small openings in the cealings allowing 2091 access into the other rooms, they find a blow torch and a large quality of guns. They return back to the bridge a blowtorch and they cut the truck in half and allow the train to move forward where they narrowly, avoided a Plague Gunship.

Half way too Kraken

While still on the railroad the group managed to find a family, that were on the run, and trying to escape to the North, and out of Occupied Georgia, back to allied Lines In South Carolina. Ted Nate, Nori Nate, and there 11 year old daughter Beth Nate, were discovered by Zero, while driving the Train where he brought it to a halt and allowed them aboard, where they were greeted warmly by Paul and Jack. As the train continued on, 2091 attended on entertaining Beth a little while playing with her a bit as well as teaching her to Draw, in which she enjoyed very much.

2091's teachings to Beth would later be noticed by Sarah, who is watching from the doorway throwing jealous glares at Beth, but gets over it by spending time with Mora. As the Train shifted North. Zero, brings the Train to a quick halt, one night allowing Plague Gunships to pass over head, missing them from above.

After avoiding many sky patrols, the Train continued North toward Hudford Station, (A Station on the Boarder of Northern Georgia connecting to South Carolina.) While on the way Beth starts to grow a small bond, with 2091 in which he harbors the same, Sarah however eventually arrives and asks 2091 if he would draw with her. 2091 could either say yes, or no. If yes, 2091's relation with Sarah grows higher, causing her to abandon some of the Jealousy that she has inside, and Beth understands and instead goes to play with Paul. If No, Sarah will just glare, and say that she understands and walks away, without looking back. If 2091 declines the relationship he has with Sarah will drop, and when the family leaves, Sarah will not be talkin to 2091 as much as she use to.

The group finally arrives at Hudford Station, where the family is dropped off, than the group continues South East towards Kraken. 2091 than helps Jack sort out the guns found in the where house, where he is later confronted by Sarah(Depending on what 2091 said when she ask him to play with her). If 2091's answer was yes she'll come in with a smile asking for some help in which 2091 chooses either yes or no, (If allowed to help, Sarah would often tease 2091 on him and Sarah, which would cause both men to have a good laugh)/(If not allowed to help, Sarah would just watch). If answered no during the Previous question Sarah would just stare at him and move passed without saying a word towards the next Car.

Jack admits, that even though his family were complete Phsyco Paths, he wished that he could be able to change them without them having to die. 2091 can either agree or decline, either way Jack would under stand.

By than the Group finally reach Hewlett Station in the suburbs of Kraken, where a large Tunnel collapse not allowing the Train to go any farther. The group will now have to walk the rest of the way.


2091 and the group are walking down the streets of Kraken, Georgia. Suddenly a bell Citzens are all in hiding, with the ruined streets completely deserted, with only Plague Patrols populating them. While slipping a way past several patrols undetected Paul accidently trips allowing himself to get spotted, forcing 2091 and Zero to come to his aid resulting into a huge fire fight.

2091 spots Sarah and Jack pinned up against a wall. 2091 tells Jack to help Sarah, In which he dose allowing 2091 to attack from there rear with The Power allowing them to escape the onslaught. Chad however was starting to get surrounded and was pinned behind the walls. Despite many shots from The Rapid Power, the Plague kept assaulting the walls, Zero than grabs 2091 saying that they go. This is also the last time he is seen alive.

The survivors arrive at an abandoned Apartment. After scavenging for supplies, 2091 finds Mora in the attic, staring at a dyng child. Apparently the boy had starved in his hiding and Zero shows shortly and shows strong resemblance to John's suffering. 2091 can either kill the boy himself, or state it would be for the best if Mora or Zero did it. If neither of the men do the deed, Regardless, Zero, and 2091 ends up burying the child's body. where the group watches with sorrow from the windows, as well as some being outside in the yard.

Later Zero, and 2091 agree to leave to find a boat, an ulternate route to escape Occupied Georiga. After taking out a large quality of patrols, as well as destroying a gas station, in order to draw the Plague away from the Docks, the 2 enter the docks to see that much of the dock has been reduced to ruble. As well as half of the ships being sunk.

Zero manages to detonate a large ambush at Royce Ave where he, managed to plant large quality's of C4, against a large Plague convoy. After these successful attacks. A Large Yaht was later discovered in the other side of the Harbor, It was drifiting in the middle of the harbor, It was still in tact, but it was unknown if there was any one on it.

Suddenly Sarah appears, having followed 2091riveraisrael, and reminds him that him and her are a team and that they should work more together. At one point Zero, and 2091 attempt to try and persuade her to turn and head back to the Apartment, a Helicopter made it's way in the sky, forcing the 3 to take cover. After evading the helicopter. The 2 realize that it might be too danger for her to go back and decide to keep her around.

After which Zero manages to salvage a large Plank from the ruins, and the 3 start use it as a raft, in order to paddle there way towards the Yacht. As they board the Yacht, they start to investigate realizing that the Boat might have been abandoned, as well as not seeing any one on board in the process.

Despite finding a well made Yacht, The Scout Choppers return, causing the trio to enter the raft again, and paddle back towards the shore, but a tank destroys the raft causing the 3 to bail out and swim back towards the Yacht. Zero, and Sarah manage to escape, but 2091 is separated of them due to the strong Current, where he ends up in North East Kraken.

Upon North East Kraken, 2091 tries as hard in order to evade Patrols. He managed to make his way into a Train yard, where he finds the Irk Bridge which seperates North East from South East Kraken. As 2091 made his way on the Bridge he is than attacked by a helicopter. Though he managed to shoot it down, the Helicopter crashes into the guard rails of the bridge causing it to block his path.

This action forces him to climb the wreckage and push through the Plague road block on the bridge ahead. A Large heavy down pour than began to fall as the battle commenced. 2091 gasped as he feared that The rifle would short out, or exlode from the rain comin in.

Even from the heavy down pour, 2091 managed to break throgh the road block and re enter South East Kraken, where he used the storms fog for cover.

2091 managed to returned back to the Apartment, after evading other Patrols while using the fog of the Storm for cover. Zero responds knowing that he would be alive, as well as Jack and the others. Sarah runs and hugs, stating that she had been worried sick. But the reunion was cut short, when 2091 stated that there is a row boat on the North East side of the city across the Harbor, and that in order to get out of Georgia, they will have to do use that Yacht.

While the group prepares to depart, 2091 is confronted by Mora, who was very happy that he survived, and responds with a kiss in the lips. Sarah however was secretly watching from the door way, where she gasps heavily and she runs away tearing without any one noticing. After the kiss 2091 is speechless, and Mora orders him never to pull a stunt like that again.

The group is seen walking through the storm, as the streets are still foggy, which makes it perfect for every one to make it through. While on the way 2091 leads them, towards the bridge, where they passed through the shattered road block and reach the North East Section of the harbor.

From there they make there way to the docks where they find the row boat. After a great deal of rowing they make it to the Yacht which is still floating in the middle of the harbor, allowing them to board, but Sarah accidently falls into the water, causing 2091 to jump in after her. After rescuing her she is brought a board along with the row boat, and was placed inside one of the beds, with a towel over her.

2091 comes to check on her, and comes in with some hot soup that was made by Zero, Mora excepts the soup, but Sarah doesn't seem to look at 2091 or answer him when he asked how she is feeling. 2091 could either give up and leave, or try and talk to her until she speaks, or at least yells. After many 3 tries on what to say in order to get her to speak she still remains silent.

Just as 2091 was about to give up in despair Sarah asked why he kissed Mora, when he told her he never had a girl friend before. 2091 kneels down, as she slowly moves her head her eyes contacted with his. 2091 could either lie, and say it was all a misunderstanding or, be honest stating that Mora was just worried and that there was nothing between them.

If lied too, Sarah would just give a glare, notifing that she maybe 9 years old, but she is not stupid, as well as the relationship goes down. If tellin the truth 2091 explains, that she was just worried, and that all girls due that when there worried, and also states that it dosen't mean there in a relationship. Sarah will smile and her relationship raises higher, 2091 smiles back and is about to leave, but before he can open the door to the cabin, Sarah asks if he want's some of her soup. 2091 can either take some, or decline, either way she will be happy even if he declines.

The Great Purge

As Mid Night Falls, the group did as they could to keep the boat hidden from Air Patrols, which was working so far.

Jack returns from recounances from the coast, and explains that a large group of Plague leaders were amassing at Kaos Court house on Ra Street. Zero than hitches a plan to attack the summit, and stop the Plague once and for all. All agree, but Mora volunteers to stay behind and keep an eye on Sarah.

Sarah however insisists to be taken along as well. In which 2091 can also agree on. 2091 and others arrive at the school building in the center of downtown Kraken. Apparently it has been used as the main site for the summit. It is soon revealed that the Plague has been defeated in Southern Europe, and was losing fronts in Japan as well. While the group separates to ambush the meeting, 2091 goes manages to get into position on the west side along with zero, on the right, and they ambush the Summit.

After successfuling ambushing and killing all 7 leaders, The group eventually disperse and steal a couple of Plague Invasion plans for other States, and Continents.

A large army of Plague forces attack the school, forcing everyone to retreat back into a classroom leading to a large back door in the closet. On the way to the classroom, Mora is attacked by a soldier. If 2091 misses a shot with the Rapid Power at the zombie, he will accidently kill Mora as well; however, if Sarah was brought along she will shoot the soldier and thus saves Mora.

2091 and the group bust open the door leading to the back door. 2091 is then seen running up outside the school, fighting off several soldiers with the Rapid Power. after straving off a large number he retreats to the Docks along with the rest.

2091 and the group arrive back aboard the Yacht victorious, with all members still intact depending on whether or not Sarah was brought or not.

Sarah will eventually come to check on 2091, sit along side him and ask if they will look for her parents before they depart with the boat. 2091 can lie to her and say that they will, or be honest and say that it will likely not happen. 2091 wakes up the next day to discover that Sarah was drawing in the same room that he has been, he comments on how well she is doing before leaving. He than discovers that Mora is no longer on the boat.

After informing Zero, He walks outside when he finds Mora's discarded blades. 2091 looks over the ships deck and finds blood on the deck. Zero Afterwards shows up and discovers that The Plague has his little sister, and decides to go out and get her back. 2091 decides to aide, along with the others, but Paul and Jack decline and instead agreed to keep an eye on Sarah. after agreeing they leave the Yacht and head back towards land.

Searchin for Mora

Zero, and 2091 returns to the coastline of Kraken, and start there search for Mora. Upon landing they wiped out a large number of Plague forces while moving through the streets. They enter a large apartment in which Zero manages to open a nearby elevator door, but passes out after opening it, from his rib wound re opening. 2091 eventually gets Zero back up by splashing water on his face along with covering the wound.

After which 2091 and Zero begin climbing the elevator shaft of the apartment, which is seen to be overrun by hordes of Plague forces on the inside and out. The 2 arrives on the roof and sees the streets crowded with thousands of soldiers surrounding, them with tanks aiming for them However, Zero comes up with the idea to attack and divert the Plague forces away from 2091 who managed to make it back towards the Docks, where he regroups with Zero afterwards.

Zero and 2091 return to the docks to see the Yacht now on the dock, with Jack, Sarah, and Paul being held hostage by Plague forces. Zero and 2091 ambush the forces who are about to execute them, and managed to rescue all 3. Jack is left behind to keep an eye on the Yacht which is now guarded by an M60 incase of a second Plague attack, while Paul and Sarah join 2091 and Zero.

after returning to the Apartment that they just retreated from, earlier 2091 finds a balcony where it is possible to cross to the next roof, and the group follows. Sarah is tossed by Paul to the next roof where she is caught by Zero, but the intense jumping on the Balcony starts to weaken the structure. Just as Paul is about to the jump the balcony collapses causing him to plunge down into the ally below.

Zero and 2091 entered the Ally way and they see that the balcony railing stabbed him in the stomach. His yells of pain alert a nearby Plague patrol, forcing Zero, and 2091 to mercy kill him, and leave. Though the 2 managed to make it back to the roof, where Sarah is waiting. a Scout helicopter ambushes them and shoots Zero in the left rib causing him to fall on impact, but not enough to allow him to shoot down the Chopper with the Magnetic Power, in which he destroys while falling as well. 2091 and Sarah, are now the only ones left and the 2 managed to continue on through the roof tops, where Sarah would often be tossed from one building to another with 2091's help. 2091 later becomes exhausted and sits down near one of the guard rails.

Sarah joins him and softly takes his hand, and asks in a worried way if he was alright. 2091 can either answer, or not answer. If he answers 2091 would say that Zero was like a brother too him, and that he is a little saddened that him, Chad, Tarah, Kara, and Paul were now all dead. Sarah would respond by allowing him to lie down on her lap, where she apologizes for his loses. If he doesn't answer Sarah states that it wasn't his fault and that he shouldn't blame himself.

After a short break, 2091 can either get up from Sarah's small lap, or stand up again after sitting down, and the 2 continue on to find Mora. As 2091, and Sarah finally reach the waterfront just across from the Kraken House, they are forced to climb over a large Kraken Imports sign to get to the next rooftop, as Plague forces patrol the street below. 2091 first sends Sarah to climbs over, in which she makes it safely to the next side due to her weighing less from her being only 9 years old. 2091 than attempts to cross, but the sign collapses.

He starts to fight his way, past the Plague patrols, clearing the Streets with The Rapid Power. He than looks up at Sarah who was watching above, and orders her to find a way out of Kraken. Sarah however declines, 2091 can either argue, or let her down easily, in which either way she will do as he says.

He arrives in the Kraken House and searches several rooms until he finds one with a bedroom and closet door roped together. He is confused and walks in curiously, he opens the door to find Mora's lifeless corps strangled and and naked in the closet. He is than held hostage by a Campman who appear behind him with a pistol drawn. 2091 attempts to swing the Power towards him, but a kick forces him to shoot a electrical blast through the wall where a large window stood sending hundreds shards of glass smashing a bit of his left fore head, reopening his old Scar that he has gotten when he was a kid.

The Campman forces him to abandon his Power. Campman, in a psychotic but calm state, sits down with 2091 while he is trying to stop the bleeding with a paper tower from his reopen scar. The Campman has a discussion with him, asking him if he has ever "hurt anyone".

After the player's response and a short talk, Campman reveals the Car from the forest belonged to him and his family. Whether or not 2091 and Sarah looted it, his reaction is the same. Just glares as the Campman good laugh on his suffering, but little dose he know that Sarah was on the other side of the wall listening. Still armed with 2091's M9, she fires a warning shot getting his attention allowing 2091 to attack him. at first the Campman starts aiming for the weakened cranium of 2091's reopen wound but 2091 wins by kicking him through the window sending him plunging down below.

After which 2091 smiles at Sarah and comments that she was a great shot. Sarah more happy to notice the wound is about to hug, but the door gets kicked open with Plague forces coming in. 2091 managed to grab his power and kill them just in time before they had the chance to fire. The two initially manage to sneak by the Plague check point on the street well, until Sarah sees her parents, Milia and Derrick, who were just being discarded like all the other deceased civilians into a Truck. Saddened and terrified, 2091 tries attempts to try and get her to move out of there, but passes out from blood loss from his reopened Scar.


Waking up in what appears to be a Store of some kind, Sarah had taken 2091 there for safety. It is from here on that 2091 shows Sarah the wound that he has gotten when he was 4 years old has re opened, and as well tells her the story on how he got the scar that nearly cost him his left eye, leaving him with 8 stitches. This late story angers Sarah for, him not telling her about it earlier, for the last 5 months, but she calms herself when she starts bursting into tears. 2091 than hands her the Power, and tries to open the door, but the lack of blood causes him to weaken so much that he can barley hold himself up. Now being helped by Sarah, he is than moved from the stand towards the wall where he sits down. He begins to grow very hoarse and he starts becoming extremely tired. Sarah's anger eventually died down back to a state of worry. 2091 than hands his power to her and tells Sarah to destroy it, and that his time was now.

2091, on the brink of death now from blood loss, will be given a 2 choice piece of Dialogue in order to inform Sarah to escape, or to destroy The Power. If Sarah is told to escape, she becomes the Playable character, and she runs to find something to stop the bleeding, while under a 30 second time limit. If she dosen't find anything within the limit, than 2091 bleeds to death, and she is show crying over him, but if she finds something to stop the bleeding the Timer freezes, and Jack later shows up armed with a Shot gun, along with Medical supplies, and 2091 is spared from death.

If asked to destroy The Power, she dose what she says only to find him dead, as soon as she dose. Sarah will be shown weeping over his death, than will actually press lips against his revealing her love for him, and saying the words "I Love you" before being found by Jack, and taken out.

If 2091 dies, the world is finally at ease with less wars on American soil. Sarah is shown eventually at age 18 (A Daughter of Jack Young John), where she was folding a large portion of laundry. She than notices a picture of 2091 and her, for when she was 9 years old, and she starts to cry. If 2091 survives, than Sarah is taken in as a daughter by Jack Young John, and 2091 is than shown with 8 stiches once again like he was when he was 4 years old, and he destroys the Power by drowing the gun in water than placing the power bomb wiping the threat out, in response to the end of hostile threats in the United States once and for all. 2091 than takes over for Kara's job as a baby sitter, and would often visit Sarah every day, where Sarah would teach him on how to socialize with other people (Anyone except girls).


"My People, sons and daughters of Linkin Park. On this day, as My Little Sisters, War Machine burn away in North Michigan, as their bodies lie broken in our streets, we are once again reminded of the depths of their depravity. For Months we have suffered unbearable hardships, by Kit Kittredge. Banished by our enemies to die from disease, from famine. They scarred us. They weakened us. But that time has passed. For Months, we worked away on empty stomachs, In Debt, In sorrow, slowly rebuilding our strength, our pride and our Fan Milita! But that time has passed. All these MonthsI have been humbled by the honor to lead you. Ever, EVER onwards! From this day. Till the end of days!"

-2091riveraisrael November 7th, 2009



  • 2091riveraisrael's Actual Birthday in Reality is August 13th, 1991...
  • 2091riveraisrael was known to be based off Reese Rega, from The Novel Axis 7, the 2 were known to both have command of A Military forces fighting the Nazi Occupation...
  • 2091's Character in the United Nazi War is based off of Real Life 2091riveraisrael, only difference is that the Real 2091riveraisrael has never left the States...
  • 2091riveraisrael is the one of the Known cast members to speak only English, mostly due to Rivera, not knowing any other Second Language...
  • 2091's Rapid Power, was known to be a Nerf, Rifle, but was also schedualled, to have a basic sketch on what the Rifle actually looked like in the UNW Universe...
  • 2091riveraisrael showed up during the Third Battle of Tyrus from an unknown Origin, signifing that he was still alive. Where he was, or where ever he was hidden remains unknown...
  • 2091 harbors the same Birthday as Sarah Malian, the only diffrence is years, him being in 84, and her being in 015...
  • After the death of Kara Leina, in 2024, 2091 fell into complete sorrow, and depression, revealing that he might have had some feelings for his non blood related sibling...
  • Linkin Park is the not the only band that 2091 was a fan of, he was also a fan of... Elton John, U2, Jeff Wayne, Whitesnake, The Kinks, Skillet, Lifehouse, and both POLICE, and Asia as well...
  • 2091riveraisrael is the only character of the United nazi war too call Margarine Frank by her actual name Anne Frank...
  • 2091riveraisrel took part alongside Zero in order too launch U-505, during the Chicago Air Raid...
  • While In Germany it was possible that 2091 might have met Margarine in the late 80's before his departure back too the U.S. In 1991. The where abouts of how him and Margarine Frank met remains unknown...
  • 2091riveraisrael bares a strong resemblance too Scholar Visari, of the KillZone Video Game Series...
  • 2091riveriasrael is credited in several countries for the Creation of the First Power, in which would later be mass produced in 3 other Elemental and destructive power, such as Water, Magnetic and Iron...
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