During the battle of Equestria, MFE and CD Taskforces were heading to find a pegasus mare, which is NOT canon to the Search for Daring-Do: Operation Doomsday, as said by Vladimir Makarov.


U.S. Marine Corps Forces, Pacific insignia Savior/Starbeam: Callsign for MFE Expeditionary units. Savior/Starbeam Actual was the callsign of Commander Five Sherman's taskforce. CD units such as Stalker-2 and Stalker-3, Wolverine 1 and 1-2, Mongoose-2, and others were assigned to it. Savior Actual was labeled MFE Commander.

657px-FORECON Stalker: callsign for USMC 1st Force Reconnaissance. The majority of Stalker is providing intelligence for C.D combatants. Stalker-3 was the callsign of Private Grant Francis' unit.

Template:Flag75thRanger Wolverine: Callsign for U.S Army company. They work alongside Hunter. Wolverine 1-2 and 1 Actual were callsigns for U.S Rangers, and were part of MFE Taskforce Savior.

Template:Flag75thRanger Mongoose: The callsign for dedicated anti-armour units equipped with Javelin Missile Launchers. Mongoose-2 was part of MFE Taskforce Savior, presumably because the CDRC trasnferred them to MFE Taskforce Savior.

Template:FlagInnerCircle Kingfish: Callsign for Captain Colonel Vladimir A. Makarov, second in command to the Commander Fvie Sherman.

Request flag of united earth fed by generalhelghast-d58nlsz Overseer: Callsign for UGC Author Mack, who provides intelligence for MFE Taskforce Savior, whilst assisted by Overlord.

Request flag of united earth fed by generalhelghast-d58nlsz UEF Flagship Aleksander: Directorate Storm Ship of the UEF Military and MFE Forces and a Storm-class battlecruiser. The Flagship used Aleksander as its callsign.

800px-Flag of the United States (Pantone).svg Overlord: Callsign for the combat operations command center in the Imperial Flagship Eisenhower.

600px-United States Department of the Army Seal.svg Warhorse: Callsign for flights of A-10 Thunderbolts/Warthogs. Warhorse 5-1, Dash-2, and Warhorse 5-3 were assigned to assist MFE TaskForce Savior. Despite destroying enemy supplies, hostile aircrafts were taken down by anti-air weaponry, leaving the Warhorse victors under the UEF Flagship Aleksander's protection.

740px-FANMADE Royal flag S1E26 Delta-Two: Nickname/Callsign for Daring-Do, who met up with TaskForce Savior but she was being chased by Neighzi, Camelid, and Zebrican forces. She was later found, by MFE Taskforce Savior.

Special Air Service cap badge/324px-Aus-sasr.svg Lima Team: SAS Spec Ops Machine gunners who provided covering fire for Savior Taskforce.

657px-FORECON Fox Three: Callsign for Sergeant Mark Schweiters, an MFR Sniper. He provide sniper support for Taskforce Savior.

600px-United States Department of the Army Seal.svg Warhammer: Callsign for an AC-130, latterly assigned to assist designated team Savior.

Request flag of united earth fed by generalhelghast-d58nlsz/U.S. Marine Corps Forces, Pacific insignia Odin Six-One: Callsign for an aerial commander, was also assigned to Warhammer in order to assist MFE Task Force Savior.

U.S. Marine Corps Forces, Pacific insignia Landing Zone Alpha: Callsign for a Hercules-class dropship, who provides extraction for Taskforce Savior. Despite extracting them, they were under attack by aerial and anti-air forces but eliminated by Odin Six victors.

Faction USMC Aircraft and Starship Armada callsigns: Numerous callsigns for many aerial armadas. The callsigns were:

  • Delta Six: Callsign for Wraith-type starfighters, Valkyrie-type missile frigates, and Banshee-class aircrafts
  • Hotel One: Callsign for Valkyrie-type gunships and Viking-type combat fighters/walkers
  • Vandal 3: Callsign for American, NATO, and Russian helicopters
  • Victor 6: Callsign for American, NATO, and Russian aerial fighters
  • Homer Six: Callsigns for Rocketeers, Yuri's Flying Saucers, and Cosmonauts

Faction USMC Infantry Platoons/Regiments/Divisions: Numerous callsigns for infantries. The callsigns were:

  • Delta Four
  • Llama-Six
  • Alpha Twelve
  • Golf Seven

Combat Radio TransmissionsEdit

[Whereabout Times]


[Commander Sherman]

[Marine Forces Equestria - Detachment Satory Task Force Savior]

[Unknown Island near the vicinity of Celestia's Imfluence/Celestina Empire] Savior Actual: Overseer, this is Savior. We have found her, pursued by what appears to be Camelid, Neighzi, and Zebrican troops. Uh, permission to engage, how copy?

Overseer: Solid copy, Savior. Positive, you are authorized to engage them except Delta-Two.

Savior: Roger, Overseer. Uh, i understand we are operating under restricted ROE?

Overseer: Err... Negative on that restricted ROE, Savior Actual. Do what you can, out.

Stalker-3: Did Overseer wants us to kill them except Delta-2, chief?

Savior: Much for that, Stalker-3. Much for that.

Fox Three: Sir, i have spotted hostile units chasing her.

MFE Commander: Good! Set up traps but not explosives - only suppressed weapons and knifes.

Wolverine 1-2: Sir, she's being chased. How long will it takes us to create traps?

Stalker-3: I believe 1 minute.

Wolverine 1 Actual: Ain't that shit?

Stalker-3: Well yeah.

Lima Team 1-1: Sir, they are heading towards our location! Get ready!

Lima Team 1-2: Roger! Deploying machine guns!

Unknown 1-2 member: Get ready. Steady, steady.....

Wolverine 1-2: Engage!!

Dash-2: Got them topped, chief.

MFE Commander: Thanks for that, Dash-2.

Kingfish: There she is, chief.

Daring-Do: What? Who are you, what are you?! Special forces?!

Stalker-3: Marine Forces Equestria, Detachment Satory, Task Force Savior. We're here to get you.

MFE Commander: Overseer, this is Savior Actual. Jackpot, we have found her and we are bring her in.

Overseer: Guys, you've got hostiles and.... *Static*

MFE Commander: What the hell was that?

Lima Team: We destroyed a radar jammer rig.

Overseer: Savior Actual, this is Overseer. Do you read me?

MFE Commander: You're coming in weak and unreadable. Switch to backup frequency and try again.

Overseer: Savior, this is Overseer. Do you read me now?

MFE Commander: Roger. Go ahead and speak.

Overseer: Savior, you've got hostile forces approaching your position. I've told Odin Six-One and Warhammer to blow the enemy.

MFE Commander: Good! Where's the LZ?

Overseer: You are to go to LZ Alpha, break. I have intel from one of my junior officers, they said that MFE Detachment Moscow has retaken the Ark of the Convenant.

MFE Commander: Then we're on it, Overseer. Out.

Warhorse 5-3: Bombing run away, Odin Six.

Odin Six: Copy, 5-3. Keep up the work.

LZ Alpha: This is LZ Alpha, i am low on bingo fuel. Repeat; on bingo fuel. You've gotta get yer heads outta there if the enemies' gonna gibbed you.

MFE Commander: Roger, Alpha! Heads up units! We're outta here!

13:56:59AM - Hostiles attacked MFE Taskforce.

Wolverine 1-2: Hostiles to our six! GET THEM!

MFE Commander: Alpha, where the hell are you?!

LZ Alpha: Trying, chief commander! I am trying!

Daring-Do :Alpha, get us out of here!

LZ Alpha: I am trying! There's too much anti-air and aerial forces! Stand by!

14:01:05AM - Multiple enemies came from nowhere, but were eliminated.

MFE Commander: Hurry up! We're dead meats if not out of here!

LZ Alpha, callsign for a Hercules Dropship has arrived.

LZ Alpha: Extraction has arrived, anyone down there?

MFE Commander: Good to see you, Mat! Welcome to the party!

LZ Alpha: Glad to be here, let's get your boys out of here.

All were aboard.

Aleksander: They have got on board! *Personnel cheering*

Operative1: Yeah, geek!

Operative2: Booyah!!

Delta 3-5: Yeaheh!!

LZ Alpha: Attention, this is Alpha. We are being attacked by aerial and anti-air forces. Where's the damn support?!

DSS Aleksander was online.

Aleksander: Odin Six victors begins to destroy everything, and Odin Six was online.

Odin Six: Can't tell who's down there. Need you to mark the targets.

LZ Alpha: Nothing else to use! We're dead center in this island while escaping! Need you to hit anything EVERYWHERE / Hit anything North of us with everything you've got!

Odin Six: Overseer, everything in that area will be grounded to dust / bomb run is going to level everything in that area. Requesting clearance.

Overseer: Odin, you do whatever you have to, to get those men back home.

Odin Six': Savior Actual, this is Odin Six. Bombs away.

MFE Commander: The giant ship's not gonna take much more THAN that!

Odin Six-Two: Odin Six-Two, bombs away, bombs away.

Vandal 3: They have been bombarded and we got the Ark of the Convenant back. We placed it back to where it belongs.

Powers: You saved the Ark, unknown creatures.

MFE Commander: Uh, we are humans.

Equestrian God: We thanked you all for your attempt of getting rid of them, humans.

Aleksander: No, WE did saved your Ark and the world from being captured. If captured, we will launched an all-out assault against them, and liberate them all.

MFE Commander: No mention it, homie.

Delta Six: Bombs away, area has been hit.

Hotel One: Tangoes being shredded.

Homer Six: Hostile encampment eliminated, good to here.

Victor Six: Tangoes eliminated. Everything in that damn area cleared.

Delta Four: Stay down!

Llama Six: Kill or capture only!

Alpha Twelve: Stop right there, skunks!

Golf Seven: Get them!!

Armoured Battalions: Stay down!; Get out of there, pigs!; Stay there! Don't move OR WE'LL SHOOT!! You're under arrest, you thugs!


[Two Days Later]


[Day Two - 01:01:01PM]

[Young Admiral]

[United Earth Federation]

[United Earth Federation Flagship DSS Aleksander]


Young Admiral: Sir, everything's done. Anything else?

LtGen. Shepherd: She wants to speak with you.

Young Admiral: Good.

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