Carcus Town

Carcus Town's Skyline years before the United Nazi War...

Carcus Town
Is a fictional Coastal City, located on the shores of Lake Ontario, in North Western Upstate New York. The city is known to be the highest population of British Americans, and is also the main founding city for the United Alliance of Bush Fans. The city is about 3 acer smaller than the Inland city of Tyrus.

History Edit


The shore line on the New York Side of the great lake Ontario, were colonized by Americans in 1860. Carcus Town at the time was used as a major military training ground for the Union during the events of the worlds first modern war in history. After the war's end in 1865, Carcus Town was constructed into a much larger city, that would later expand a grand total of about acres of land, about 3 acres less than Tyrus.

Modern EraEdit

In 1918 during the great European Immigration into the United States, the city had become full of about a 800-900,000 British Immigrants, who had just arrived in the nation. In 1967 Carcus Town opened up an official military training camp for army rangers that were easilu trained and imported to Vietnam during the events of the Vietnam War. The camp remained in active service until 1982, where it was finally shut down and became a national land mark for military history.

In 2004 British singer Kate Bush arrived into the country to perform one of her concerts in which she worshipped performing in Carcus Town, most dearly than any other city that she has performed at around the globe. The concerts would give Carcus Town a some total of about 400-500 fans in which would later grow in the next 4 years up to about 30-40,000. In response to the British singer, the fans united and called themselves the United Alliance of Bush Fans, on August 2nd 2010.

However Carcus Town reached it's most darkest hour during the fall of 2011. On November 20th, the city had become a target for Nazi Germany Invasion, in which would lead too the events of Operation Gradossa, the most largest engagment in the entire United Nazi War. Despite well planned defenses, the German broke through occupying both Gorgon city, and Harris Ridge in the process, allowing the SS too march straight into the city.

While U.A.B.F. defenders were trying to hold back the Nazi Invasion citizens began evacuations out of Upstate New York, where they fled too Canada across Lake Ontario, and were escorted by Candadain cost guard vessels.

The city came under Nazi Occupation on November 21st, and was torn down by the SS In an attempt too located the British Singer, though they were able too locate and corner her in the sewers she managed too overpower the master of antics and escape the city. Carcus Town was finally liberated on December 4th, 2011.

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