Coalition Forces
Faction USMC
Coalition Flag
Leader(s) Young Admiral/Admiral Grant Gerard D. Calliope

Captain Colonel Vladimir Makarov

Appears in Invasion of Equestria/Second Galactic Warfare for Domination
Country Earth (formerly)


Type Earth Countries/Nations combatants
Engagements Fallout of Equestria/Invasion of Equestria

Colonization First Contact Stargate-Jaffa Conflict Galactic War Equestrian Zombie War

Active Disbanded (Earth)

Active (Equestria)

Motto Show courage, strength, pride!
The Coaliton Forces were a group of Earth combatants from their countries/nations. They did appeared as they did. The Coalition was led by Young Admiral (Alicorn)/Admiral Grant Gerard DuGalle, the greatest admiral bust he hates to be old, he wants to be young.

Armed ForcesEdit

The Coalition has the powerful armed forces, which was listed in alphabetical order.


The Coalition Army were the backbone of the Allied forces, capable of destroying, capture, assassinate, and others. This army can be turned to pieces if overwhelmed by enemies such us gattling fires, airstrike, tank attack, Blitzkrieg, naval bombardment, and others. They are led by 5-star General Heinrich Absel.


The Coalition Army has Spetsnaz, which was translated to Special forces, literally Special Forces of purpose. They were led by Boris Vorshevsky.

Air ForceEdit

The Coalition Air Force, also known as the Coalition Air Superiority, are the air forces that will did able to cover any friendlies. They are good at taking done enemy tanks, infantries, and enemy key structure but can be destroyed by potentional anti air defenses. They have MiGs, Harriers, and Raptors. They are led by 5-star Air Force General Marshal Patton.

Airborne troopsEdit

They have airborne troops known as the VDV, as used by the Russian Armed Forces and Admiral Grant.

Marine CorpsEdit

They are the naval infantries for the Coalition forces, they do have federal tactics and can take covering fire on the enmies all they like but can be overwhelmed by the enemies. They used the same weapons as the Coalition Army. They were led by 5-star General Dimitri Bodarenko, his name will also said by the Coalition troops.

Note: This Marine Corps has 7th Battalion, 5th Military Regiment, also known as Strike Team Three, the backbone of the coalition, which has every assigned forces from the Heer (Army), Marine (Navy), Luftwaffe (Air Force), and the Marineinfanteriekorps/Marinekorps/Marines/Marine Corps (Marine Corps) and they were consisted of:

  • 1st Scarlet Marines
  • 5th Regiment, 1st Spectre Unit
  • 1st Battalion, 75th Marine/Ranger Brigades/Regiment
  • 1st Military Expeditionary Corps/Forces
  • 5th UED-German Fleet
  • 22nd SAS Regiment
  • USMC 1st Force Recon
  • 1st BN, 75th Ranger Regiment
  • 4th Air Force


The Coalition Navy was consisted of Dreadnought battleships, aircraft carriers/carrier commands, PT boats, submarines, anti-air cruisers, Dreadnought missile ships/Dreadnought commands, and others. They will always goes into naval mine territories and destroyed if their radars are equipped. They were led 5-star Admiral Paul Jackson, another man from Call of Duty 4.

Space Naval ForcesEdit

The Coalition Space Naval Forces were the powerful wing of the Coalition forces, better than the original ground, air, and naval groups. They are the responsible for bringing the ground, air, and naval groups into combat. They have five battlecruisers, as listed here:

Storm-class BattlecruisersEdit

  • DSS Aleksander (Young Admiral/Grand/Navy Admiral Grant Gerard DuGalle Calliope)
  • DSS Big Aleksander (Admiral Karl Hitler)

Thunder-class BattlecruisersEdit

  • DTS Leviathan (4-star Admiral Vassily Bodanov)
  • DTS Big Leviathan (Grand Admiral Dimitri Reznov)

Unknown class Battlecruisers:Edit

  • DSS Aleksander (Admiral Gerard DuGalle)

They were led by Young Admiral/Grand/Navy Admiral Grant Gerard DuGalle Calliope.

Expeditionary CorpsEdit

Admiral Grant also constructed the Expeditionary Corps consisted of half the Dominion Navy and the UED Expeditionary Corps.

Armed Forces Special OperationsEdit

The Armed Forces has Special Operations. The special ops was consisted of:

Coalition Army Special Operations Command (CASOC)Edit

The Coalition Army Special Operations Command (CASOC) was the backbone of the Coalition Special Operations. They have 950, 550 personnel. General Heinrich Absel also led them and was the commander of CASOC.

Coalition Army Spetsnaz Specia Operations (CASSO)Edit

Boris Vorshevsky was the one who led CASSO, the primary special operations forces.

Coalition Air Forces Special Operations Command (CAFSOC)Edit

The Coalition Air Forces Special Operations Command aka the Coalition Air Superiority Special Operations Command (CAS-SOC) was the excellent air forces which the Special Operations has sent them. 5-star Air Force General Marshal Patton also led them and was the primary commander.

Coalition Airborne Troops Special Operations (CATSO)/Coalition VDV Spec Ops (CVDVSO)Edit

The Russian Armed Forces and Admiral Grant also had them and CATSO/CVDVSO were the VDV forces.

Coalition Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command (CMCFSOC)Edit

The Coalition Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command also has the same personnel as MARSOC. Their leader was 5-star General Dimitri Bodarenko.

Coalition Naval Special Warfare Command (CNSWC)

The CNSWC was the naval special ops forces command by 5-star Admiral Paul Jackson.

Coalition Space Naval Forces Special Ops Command (CSNFSOC)Edit

The CSNFSOC was the special forces for the Coalition. They were led by Young Admiral.

Coalition Expeditionary Corps/Fleet Special Ops Command (CECSOC/CEFSOC)Edit

The CECSOC/CEFSOC was found by Young Admiral and was used for special operations, their flagship is the DSS Aleksander.

Known Coalition MembersEdit

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