The Führerfilly
Fuhrerfilly taking over the world by elcazador21-d4l3g3i
Kind Unicorn pony
Sex Female
Occupation Unknown; possibly Hitler's daughter
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Cutie mark
Nazi Germany Eagle without the Swastika emblem and a six-pointed star in the middle and three stars in each wing
The Führerfilly was the daughter of Acolt Hitler and was filly Twilight's counterpart. It is confirmed in Hitler visits Ponyville. The Führerfilly appears as Hitler thinks Fegelein disguising as a filly. Some military government such as the Coalition Directorate thinks the Fuhrerfilly was Fegelein, but the Expeditionary Admiral Grant Gerard DuGalle Calliope said it's just a filly Twilight Sparkle version with dark red streaks. The Coalition Directorate knows that the Admiral is correct. The Admiral calls her the Fuhrerfilly, because the Admiral himself was English-speaking.

Mr. Galaxy's MLP-Der Untergang parody videos.Edit

Gunsche approaches the FuhrerfillyEdit

When Gunsche enters Hitler's office, he saw the Fuhrerfilly, he says "Where is your father?". She points to the left, and he fell, but before at the end.... SS-Obergruppenfuhrer Georg Hans Otto Hermann Fegelein appears! He said "I can't believe he actually walk through the window.", and a car crash was heard, possibly Hitler's, he says "For the love of-- THIS WAS MY NEW CAR, YOU FEGEL-TARD!" And it ends.

Gunsche forgot to pick up the FuhrerfullyEdit

Gunsche was seen wearing Cheerilee's pimp hat which resembles Michael Jackson's fedora hat from "Smooth Criminal", He went shopping with Cheerilee and she gives him a fedora hat. And said that he said if he looks pimpin'. Hitler said it but Gunsche forgot to pick the Fuhrerfilly, which made Hitler angry.

Hitler is Shown Some Fanart of the FuhrerfillyEdit

Wilhelm Mohnke tells Hitler about a deviantartist by the name of NinjaPony has made fanart of his girl. Hitler wants to show this unappealing peace of artwork. Alfred "Bald Dumb-Ass" Jodl said that it is well drawn and amazing. Hitler yells "I'll be the damn judge of that!" A fanart of the Fuhrerfilly is seen with Hitler removing his glasses and said "THIS IS EPIC!" Hermann Fegelein said that Hitler sounds like he likes it, with Alfred Jodl replies, and along with Serious Keitel. However, the subtitles says "WHY IS THIS DRAWIN EXPLODING?!?!" and what appears that Hitler said it with a "FEGELEIN!!!" Fegelein said it was another successful antic by moi. Burger Dork said that there's nothing as disgrace as him, with Fegelein said Dashie pom. Burgdorf drinks.


  • The word "porn" was removed by the TGWDL Founder, because that word isn't allowed, and he also puts pom instead of porn, which may lead into Fegelein, Hitler, Kelly, and Mr. TGWDL Founder's disgrace and dismayance, along with their annoyance.
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