1st Galactic War was a conflict which the Federal Defense Initiative was destroyed, reformed, and was named as the Earth Federation. The EF has joined the fray and splits itself into two military factions, the Dominion Earth Federation - a democratic military organization, sent to capture the World of Symphonia, and the United Earth Federation - a political military organization, was formed up to destroy the Galactic Empire, responsible for the destruction of the Earth.

UEF Opening crawlEdit

1st Galactic War
In the alternative year 2500, the Federal Defense Initiative - the military counter-terrorist forces, has been destroyed but some are retreating to Ultranationalist Russia - was reformed and was named the United Earth Federation.

The United Federation and the United Armada, formed the Earth Federation - a global government, loyalist organization, and a federal military force - were beginning to find out what caused the destruction of the FDI and Earth.

The EF has created the Dominion Earth Federation, a democratic military, was sent to capture the World of Symphonia. The DEF Ultimate Commander Paffendorf Petrenko, eads the DEF to victory.

The EF itself has created the United Earth Federation. The UED was summoned to help the UEF to investigate the destruction of Earth and the FDI.

Two years after Admiral Jordan's defeat, he appointed Lieutenant Calliope - because of his genius tactics and strategies - to be the Expeditionary Admiral.

The Galactic Empire, was responsible for the destruction of Earth and the FDI, has angered many Earth Federation personnel - begins to launch their forces against them.

Imperial Opening crawlEdit

1st Galactic Wars
Shortly after the destruction of Earth, the Galactic Empire finally rules the entire galaxy. Korhal, Char, Shakuras, Tarsonis, Aiur, Mar Sara, and the distant, shadowed world - has taken arms against the Galactic Empire.

Will they destroy the joint forces of the Hybrids, Protoss, Zergs, and the terrans? WIll they succeed them?

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