Galactic War for Liberation



World of Harmony

  • Allied Coalition-Equestrian-Crystal Empire-Henosis-Concordia-Black Islands victory

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Allied military intervention in the World of Harmony

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The Galactic War For Domination also known as The Galactic War For Liberation, and the FS7 Star War, was a major interstellar conflict pitting the World of Harmony, along with 90% Of the Harmony Universe against the R.F.F.S7., during the mid-22nd century between February 11, 2172 and December 3, 2179, during the Galactic War.

The war was instigated by the R.F.F.S.7. whose The Continentals made an effort on Invading the World of Harmony in the fall of 2172. Seeking to keep the age of Androids a broad, a war of genocide was declared against all flesh races in 2164, with an FS7 Invasion of Earth and about 80% Of her colonies. Over the next few decades the FS7 with superior firepower, numbers and technology, would repeatedly overpower the Humans across hundreds of worlds in the milky way Galaxy, including heavily defended strongholds such as Kar. Humanity would only win scattered and costly victories.

The conflict however would later spread into other Universe including the Universe Of Harmony in the early stages of the 2170's and would last until the late 2170's. Despite a discovery on the world of Harmony, the FS7 Invaded thwarting half of Princess Celestia's once beautiful pony world into a wasteland. Massive genocides were conducted yet again against the Ponies, for a grand total of 4 years, until The FS7 finally was driven off with the help of U.E.A Reinforcements in 2175, who managed too arrive from the untouched Earth Colony of Precursor. The victory at Equestria would later spark more and more warriors against the FS7, which led to the FS7's Occupation of the Harmony universe to fall apart. The war in the Harmony universe finally ended on 2179, after the FS7 were repelled at New Earth. Despite the war being over in the Harmony Universe, the War against the R.F.F.S.7. still would last in other Flesh Universe's, and the Universe of Hora until the Late 23rd, century.

Prelude Edit

The Galactic War SpreadsEdit

Open WarEdit

Discovery of HarmonyEdit

Early Stages Edit

The Fall of BraxisEdit

Long before the events of Miera, and one year before the Invasion of Equestria, the colony of Braxis had been designated the headquarters and training ground for unknown flesh races. The R.F.F.S.7. would later discover this mysterious Training ground On December 2nd, 2171. By that a small group of Soldiers were training in a top honors exercise on the surface. After these humans completed there Training with a huge impact on there record, the radar later picks up the FS7, fleet closing in.

These humans however are unaware of the R.F.F.S.7's wicked ways and thought of the computer for just having a glitch from all of the snow around Braxis. The FS7 Deployed a land based Invasion surprising all of the Cadets and Rookies all over the planet. However the R.F.F.S.7 were more surprised at these humans skills and actually had difficulty for the first time since there Earth Invasion was finally halted at Arizona in 2167, plus there Defeat in the Battle of Luthor 2 years after. Despite well entrenched defenses around Braxis the FS7 proved too be far more superior and occupy about 98% Of the planets surface in just 10 weeks. The soldiers later responded too Admiral Calliope that was off planet at the time informing him that there world was being Invaded by machines of unknown Origin.

In a quick flash reinforcements arrived at Braxis, too try and reclaim the Ice world, but this tactic failed, due too the arrival of much larger FS7 armada, which quickly resulted into a large Space battle that would soon enter Braxis's Atmosphere. Soldiers stated that the battle was so close that they could see the engagement from the ground. By January 1st, 2172, The R.F.F.S.7 proved the on too be the major victor and responded by Destroying the surface of Braxis, resulting into a world wide orbital bombardment of the entire Ice world. The death toll wiped out about 98% Of the humans that were residing on the world. Only 18 out 200 ships Break thought the R.F.F.S.7. blockade in orbit around Braxis. This battle would soon be noticed by the UEF forces, and the major Prior towards Meira, than later Equestria.

Discovering EquestriaEdit

2 Years before the Invasion of Equestria, On November 24th, 2170, U.E.A. ships that managed to slip the the FS7 Blockade around Earth, arrived in orbit over Fera. At 0625 hours, a fleet of FS7 vessels were detected on the edge of the system coming in to reinforce The Invasion Of Fera, The 48 available U.E.A warships, including the USS Dest and USS Leviathan, formed a tight "checkerboard" formation that allowed for them to fire all their Turrets simultaneously at the FS7 fleet with a single massive volley. However, this restricted the mobility of the U.E.A fleet, and left them unable to evade the extremely accurate FS7 Aura torpedoes. When the battle commenced, the FS7 Reinforcement fleet took a severe beating from the Blocking U.E.A's opening Laser Cannons, but promptly returned fire with a salvo of Aura torpedoes. The repair station The USS Star Vader moved in front of the U.E.A formation, acting as a sacrificial shield, and absorbed the FS7 fleet's first salvo, at the cost of the station and its entire crew. This allowed the U.E.A ships to dedicate all the power from their reactors to recharging their Laser guns, and the U.E.A ships were thus quickly able to fire a second salvo after the destroyed Star Vader drifted away. After this salvo, only eight FS7 Fera Reinforcement vessels remained: cruisers and destroyers. The U.E.A fleet then scattered and proceeded to engage the FS7 fleet, which responded by releasing its Helloria fighters and opening heavy fire on the U.E.A ships. The U.E.A spotted an FS7, stealth ship in orbit above Fera, and attempted to destroy it with a barrage of Star Shot missiles, but the attack was foiled when the stealth ship jammed the missile guidance locks, causing them to miss. In response, The USS Cal simply rammed the much smaller ship, stopping the FS7 from transmitting data from the planet's surface. The remaining FS7 vessels soon fled the system. The space battle was one of the first major victories that the U.E.A had had in space Warfare, (despite major losses; less than ten ships remained intact after the battle)Since their Devastating lost in the First Battle Of New Gunghollow a Year back in 2169. U.E.A General, Saver had especially planned this battle to be a much needed victory and morale boost for the humans Around the entire Milky Way Galaxy including the ones, In the Occupied Planets.[6] The FS7, however, had only come for the data By A Shard that was Drifting In Space, by an unknown Origin. Despite the FS7's Defeat, they managed to retrieve the Shard, only to find a language on it that is not even Human made. The Data later Led to the discovery of a Planet 20 Light Years away from Earth, a Planet full of Ponies. This led to the discovery of Equestria by FS7 Forces.

The Equestria Theater Edit

Main article: Invasion Of Equestria....2172

The Rivera Federation: Federation Strike 7's Invasion Of Equestria was swift in Brutal. The MoonWalkers ravage across Earth like a Deadly Plague. Their relentless Invasion of Equestria, took the lives of many ponies, Female, Male, and Children. The Invasion of 2172 was the most darkest Days in all of Equestria, but has caused the appearance of the United Earth Federation.

During the fall of 2173, The FS7 stirred there attentions on Horace Rivera, for his treasons against his own race, even going as far as to attacking Spain, back on planet Rivera, where he began to feel the large portions of pain and suffering making him as slow as he was during the years European Civil War back in the 21st Century. After too much war damage to Spain Horace was confounded to a bed. He was moved to the safety of Cloudsdale on the 4th, of December 2173. He was put into a secured tower where he was protected by both Princess Luna, and Rainbow Dash. Months however after the occupation of the M.F.E. Head Quarters in 2174, the FS7 found the location of Cloudsdale on April 2nd, and launched an attack of the cloud cities. The Lunar Empire that was stationed on Cloudsdale were known to be the cities only defense against the FS7 Invasion. During the losing battle some of the Pegasus and Pegasai became targets from FS7 Raider Dropships, and Helloria Star fighters.

Among these Pegasus ponies were fillies, and colts. Despite Cloudsdales downfall, Rivera was able to escape with Princess Luna, and Rainbow Dash who managed to hitch a stolen Raider, from the FS7 and flee the clouds fortress before it's occupation on April 4th. After the occupation, the FS7 constructed military drills for Newly constructed androids, using Cloudsdale as a Training Field. Pegasus were targeted as infantry, while homes were devastated from both ground, and air based vehicles. By the mid events of 2174, Cloudsdales rainbow factories were glassed by both the RHM Concord, and RHM Killer. And the surviving Pegasus Ponies were forced into labor, under the direct rule of the FS7.

Many Female Pegasus Ponies, were seperated, from there Loved Male Ponies, and put on seperate sides of the the newly constructed Korus Camp, that was built in the spot on what used to be the Rainbow Factory. Newly born Fillies, and Colts, were automatically killed if given birth. Many mothers, got so afraid that they even when as far as to hiding them under the soft cloud surfaces, or even inside a cloud trash bin in order to prevent them from being taken by FS7 androids. By January 23rd, of 2175, Nillia a young female Pegasai gave birth to a new Colt named stanly, but her presence was detected. Despite hiding the baby in a small cab bed, covered by thick and soft powdery cloud pillows, the FS7 barged in, demanding to known where it hidden. Though pleading that they don't take her colt, the FS7 responded to her pleas, by a laser shot through the brain. The baby was than found and disposed of. By June 4th, of 2174, the FS7 massacred a large group of female Pegasus Ponies, near the palace, than later glassed the palace. Cloudsdale was transformed into the FS7's major Sky Prison, Fort Belgium.

Federation fast space-travelling interventions (1-hour earlier)Edit

However, the new military force has caught all off guard, due to the UEF Battle Fleet - under the command of Admiral James Richardson and under the orders of Grant Gerard DuGalle Calliope - has intervened the tragedies. The Battle Fleets themselves (consisted of thirty-five DSS battlecruisers, seventy-five Wraith II-type starfighters, twenty-five Valkyrie missile frigates, thirty-five Banshee-class aircrafts, and 40 Viking-type combat fighters accompanied by 50 Valkyrie bombers/fighters, multiple Quantradyne APOD-33 dropships, Hercules-class dropships, and a massive ground force) has intervened the nightmares with everything they got. Despite the Battle Fleets were losing the battle, Admiral Richardson gave his men the morale to fight for their lands, which he also gave the pegasi the morale to "fight for their loved ones, for their land, for their nation." This caused the Pegasus ponies to revolt the FS7's direct rule and follow Admiral Richardson's morale - "You all think you lose, you all just losed your loved ones, you've lost everything! No one's going to lose everything they had! Put aside your differences! Show this damned beasts THE TRUE MEANING OF SACRIFICE! This is for your loved ones! This is for your nation! This is for your ponies! This, is the day where you all will fight...... FOR FREEDOM! Fight for your loved ones, for your land, and for your glorious nation! URA!" All his morale shows the Pegasi the meaning of sacrifice, as his morale said. Admiral Richardson's flagship, the DSS Hammerhead, has ordered the Pegasi's loved ones to enter the battlecruisers while he and his men will fight to the death until every machines were dead. The Rebellion was lead by Rivera, in the opening months of 2175, and were known to have a huge success of the FS7, in breaching the military Barracks, destroying any android they spot, but a massive FS7 counter attack crushed the uprising in a large massacre, which drove the Prisoners, back into the Stadium, where they were locked down, and threatned death if they uprised again. Ever since than the FS7 shunted all networks from the ground, cutting away all contact with Princess Celestia, and the UEF.

During the climax of the battle, one of the Battle Fleet soldiers witnessed Nillia given birth to a colt named Stanly, but they witnessed FS7 androids barging in and demands where the colt was hiding. However, something goes off which reveals to be an outraged soldier - armed with an M240 - who fires at the androids before they shot her.

The Harmony Age Of The AndroidEdit

By November 8th, of 2174, as the war on Equestria was easily taking a toll on the ponies, the R.F.F.S.7, later granted this planet soon too be annihilated of all ponies and turned into a large factory. It was from here on the age of the Android was unleashed from all over the occupied areas in Equestria, that would later spreadin into occupied Griffin Kindgom, and Dragon Kingdom as well.

The Ponyville MassacreEdit

The Harmony Age of the Android begun, on Ponyville in Equestria, Immediately after the fall of North East Equestria. In response the R.F.F.S.7. Invaded to exterminate ponies and continue too fill the world of Equestria with fear, but the only thing this did was fuel more anger.

Upon arrival at the village, the R.F.F.S.7. set fire to the houses, with Proton blasters and pursue the pandas attempting the flee the carnage, many were shot right on the spot, some were blocked by Rudder-1's and Strykers. During the massacre, 2 R.F.F.S.7. grunts one armed with an ARK-78, the other with an R-74 attempted too shoot infant pony who was watching the chaos in terror. The child's father bravely stepped in front of him and struck the Androids away, with a rake forcing there shots too too divert into the sky. This brave tactic with a rake as caused the Continentals too look on in astonishment. After the initial attack on the village, the R.F.F.S.7 scoured the surrounding forests for any remaining ponies. RHM Tartarus, Dagger, and Jupiter 2 than arrived, and even glassed the regions all around, preventing any ponies from getting away.

While the Continentals believed that there Genocidal act on the Ponies, was complete, they were wrong. A number of ponies fled and hid in a secret valley, along with the infant's father.

Dead Ponyville Was a term referring to the Ruins of Ponyville during the Invasion Of Equestria....2172 . The Town was known to be empty and abandoned after the FS7 Invasion, leaving nothing more than dead Ponies on the streets, destroyed houses, crushed wagons, and dead trees, leaving 99% Of the rest of the region glassed by the Galactic Conquests. Sweet Apple Acres became a barren wasteland leaving Applejack's barn in ruins. Rarity's Boutique had been whipped off the face of the town leaving nothing left but the gems that were once collected by Rarity when she was alive. Twilight's library was dead, and knocked in half, Pinkie Pie's Sugar cube corner was slashed in half with the surviving remainments of the building crushed on top of each other, Ponies dead by the thousands lay scattered all over the streets, some were known to be without hooves, some were withoud eyes, some of the Unicorns, magical horns were ripped off. During the war's final years, On December 2nd, 2175, Rivera returned to Ponyville, observing the ruins of the once beautiful town. He stated that traveling to Ponyville was lonely, and a sad sight to behold. Rivera moved up street after street, FS7 Raider dropships patrolling the skies. While drifting street to empty street. Rivera later was driven by the sounds of gun fire in the far distance, which caused him to drift deeper into the Dead town. After searching again, and again Rivera later caught glimpse of a News Paper ad. It read "FS7 On the Run!" Rivera couldn't help but smile realizing that the FS7 were now on the verge of total, and complete Annihilation. Just than a strange looking black figure hidden in the darkness reveals itself from under the cold dense light of Princess Luna's Moon. Something In Rivera's gut told him to go and inspect, in which he did.

After making his way through the ruble, Rivera later caught wind of a large Riviera, down on city hall. The giant shark looking fighting machine was dead, which caught his surprise. He than noticed 3 others dead as well all over the place, as well as FS7 forces who looks as if they might have suffered from lack of fuel. After flying on top of the Riviera's tail. Rivera later discovers that the war is not that far from Ponyville. A Large Hail Arora the RHM Inora, blasted over him towards the fight at fast paste. Just from the look at the speed on the Inora Rivera soon realized from all of the dead FS7 bodies in the town, that It was the nearing the end of the FS7 Torments on Equestria.

Battle of MieraEdit

With the majority of the Outer Colonies glassed or abandoned, the United Earth Federation faced an economic crisis. Some of their most important Agriculture Worlds had been destroyed, leading to widespread food shortages. On Braxis, and the World Of Harmony, riots broke out. Meanwhile, FS7 forces began to encroach on the Inner colonies. In response, the UEF issued Princess Celestia's Emergency Priority Order 8831A-1, "The Calliope Protocol". No UEF vessel could be permitted to lead the FS7, to New Earth, or any other human population center. Furthermore, all movement through space was restricted to UNSC Navy vessels. News later came on, that the FS7 had Invaded Earth about 12 years ago, and that the Planet still is constantly under siege, holding on with both hands, Princess Celestia vowed that they will save the planet that created them if they survive.

Many humans in defiance of Calliopes orders began to conduct raids against FS7 Fleets, over Mira, which later resulted in the destruction of Hail Arora class RHM Sorna in 2176. These acts of aggression began to annoy the Continentals, and they ordered a large Invasion of Mira on April 4th, 2176. The Invasion of Mira was swift and merciless, by 1 days the entire planet had been occupied, along with 89% Of the humans dead.

Fleeing from the Battle of Mira, the surviving Pirates chased an Star Arora class Cruiser the RHM Kar to Borallis Braxis and discovered that the entired planet had been teraformed into a large FS7 Working Industrial complex. There they had actually formed an alliance with a colony of Ner far. Many FS7 Weapons, fell into Pirate, hands and were studied while on route back to the saftey of the World Of Harmony.

By the time of the Battle of Mira in 2176, most of the Outer Colonies of the Harmony Universe had been destroyed.

Continues WarfareEdit

For almost 6 years, the war ground on in a predictable pattern; costly victories on the ground for UEF forces, and near total FS7 space superiority. Calliope, and Princess Celestia managed to deal a heavy blow to the FS7 in 2175 after repelling there Invasion from Equestria, and again during the Siege of Leina Asteroids in the same year. However, these victories were offset by the loss of New Coe, its colonies at Leon, and the total destruction of the force of Star Legions, deployed to destroy the FS7 base of Operations at Braxis.

Throughout the early fall of the 2170s, the UEF was dealt ever greater blows with the death of Norton during the Battle of Midem in 2177, defeat during the Second Battle of Arc and the Air Invasion of New Earth in 2178. A major human/Pony success was Operation: CELESTIA in 2177, the loss of Star Legions were considered acceptable losses by Grant Calliope, and High Command. The Equestrian raid on the Third Fleet of the Galactic Conquests also proved the FS7 was overwhelmingly powerful machines, but not invincible. The battle was one of the most significant and strategically important victories for the UEF in the entire war.

Secret On FS7 Discovered...2174Edit

Main article: Location Of FS7 Planet Discoverd
Main article: Battle Of Factory 9

UEF Counter Attack Edit

Liberation Of BraxisEdit

Mid Stages Edit

After BraxisEdit

FS7 Invasion of Leers 6Edit

Main article: Battle of Reece City

During the FS7's invasion of Leer 6, a large fleet of Hail Arora Destroyers has just glassed the entire capital into a wasteland. Despite this hectic victory, the battle on the ground continued on, for several months beginning from August and up. Despite these heroic efforts, the FS7 Responded by sending in another Glass Ship, the RHM Jora, in order to hold position, and monitor the battle. while holding position over the ruined city, the battle began to take a turn for the worst for the FS7, when reinforcments from Equestria arrived on October 2nd, 2177. This antic later made the Jora, call for aide, and it began to glass the Reinforcments from right in there landing spots, bringing the battle once again into the FS7 favor. Survivor of the destruction Lieutenant Commander Twilight Sparkle of the now deceased Mane 6 came up with an operation to assault and destroy the ship in order to avenge her comrades lost in battle. Supported by Rivera, and Rainbow Dash's Universal Company, including the United Earth Federation Army infantry and air support by U1 Falcons, she undertook the task of delivering the nuclear device into the ship herself. However, she was wounded by a by a Raider Dropship's Laser Cutter Cannon blast while on her way to the cruiser. The blast also severely damaged her left arm, which was later replaced by a robotic prosthetic.

Rivera was the first to arrive to her position. Seeing as there would be no time to wait for backup, he picked up the nuke and used a jet pack to fly into the cruiser through Cannon Shaft. With the FS7's main force of Glass ships not far out, he Just before the nuke's countdown ran out, Rivera managed to toss it into a hangar bay where numerous FS7 were massing for deployment in order to crush teh remains of the Reece City Wastelands, but were unexpected of Rivera's Presence. Mere seconds later, the Bomb went off, destroying the cruiser and Rivera barley made out of the ship with servere burns covering the Kauji's scales.

Battle Of StarusEdit

Final Years Edit

Air Strike On New EarthEdit

Main article: FS7 Air Invasion Of New Earth

The FS7 Air Invasion Of New Earth Was a surprise Intersteller military strike conducted by the Rivera Federation: Federation Strike 7 against the New Earthan forces 2 Years after their failed Invasion Of Equestria In 2175. The Attack was launched on the morning of December 7, 2177. The attack was intended as a preventive action in order to strike the heart of New Earth to keep the FS7 Feared in the Milky Way Galaxy, and to send the Humans a message that if they interfere with their operations again they will be eliminated.

The Attack took place on the city of Monstrus, the Capital of New Earth, and the planets most populated and largest city on the surface. The city was attacked by 40,000 FS7 Raider Drop Ships, bombers and Fighters in two waves Including a Hail Arora Class Glasser, The RHM Veira that took part in the Attack and destroyed about 30% Of Monstrous including another 20% Of her surroundings. The Attack was launched from the Stars Of Sorrow Fleet above in orbit that was jamming all transmissions on the planet.[11] All eight New Earthan bases around Monstrus were damaged, with four being annihilated, along with another 10 New Earthan Star Navel ports being destroyed, in order to prevent New Earthans from taking to the skies in order to Interfere. During the air Invasion 188,000 New Earthan War rescourdes including space and aircraft were destroyed; 2,402 New Earthan military personal were killed and 1,282 wounded, along with a grandt total of up to about 20,000,000 Civilians that were In Monstrus. The FS7 loses were light, with only 29 of their star force shot down.

The attack came as a profound shock to the people of New Earth and led directly to the New Earthan entry into the Rivera Federation War. in both the Harmony Space, and Earth theaters. The following day (December 8), New Earth, including Equestria, declared war on Rivera.

The New Earth TheaterEdit

Main article: The New Earth Campaign

When the Rivera Federation War occurred in 2164 On Earth, the FS7 made good on its p invasion of the Planet nearly occupying about 98% Of the whole planet. However, it was not long before the FS7 later discovered the world of Harmony In 2172, and launched a large Invasion taking control of almost the entire planet. Despite their near victory the FS7, were soon driven off by U.E.A Reinforcements as well as UED reinforcements who assisted Equestria in rolling the FS7 back into Space in 2175. The FS7 knew that a decisive foot hold in the Harmony Universe would go unrealized as long as the UED were involved in the war, The U.E.A however was already getting buucherd back home on Earth for their Planet was the first to get Invaded in 2164. The FS7 made several attempts to undermine UED power in the Harmony and to distract them from their conquests.

The FS7 initially approached this strategy by means of eadly air raids when they assaulted and besieged Monstrous A year earlier in 2177, executing several of their hostages from above, as well as destroying much of the surroundings including 50% Of Monstrous Itself. This effort failed when the UED crushed the FS7 air presence within the Skies. Threatened with the possibility of an UED intervention by means of the REFORGER convoys, the FS7 approached a new means of attack: A full-scale invasion of New Earth In hopes of crushing the UED Once and for all.

The FS7 knew that if they approached the New Earth and their actual performance, they would be shot down out of Orbit before they could land, so they instead chose to attack covertly by means of installing a newly created Cruiser shot on the side of the Galactic Conquest fleet, and disguised the Ships as Civilian Freighters. Loading untold thousands of troops, tanks, Rudder-1, Submarine Tanks, Helo, helicopters, Raider Drop Ships snd weapons, the FS7 Star Navy trekked Into the skies of New Earth and easily by passed the unsuspecting Radar Networks. New Earth. was now open to attack.

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