Federal Republic of Germany/Bundesrepublik Deutschland
800px-Flag of Germany.svg
German Flag
Found In Earth


City Berlin, Germany

Berlin, Germany (Equestria)

Country Germany
Continent Europe
Controlled By Fuhrer Adolf Hitler

Chancellor Rudolph Hitler

Leaders New Harrison (Heart Of Germany)
Engagements World War III

Galactic War
Colonization First Contact
Galactic Zombie War
Equestrian Civil War

Bundesrepublic Deutschland/Federal Republic of Germany was a location and a country found in Equestria, following the The major Departure of Earth. It was part of the Earth Federation government, With New Harrison leading it until the early 22nd, Century, when New Harrison broke the connections with Earth due to financial problems. Germany was known to be the Body Of Continental New Harrison Rivera, and was also among the Continent of Europe that vanished from Earth mysteriously in 2142, without a trace or explination.

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