Grant Calliope

Birth name

Charles de le Calliope


  • Kelly
  • Admiral DuGalle

Birth date

October 14

Birth place

Satory, France


Timeline 1

Timeline 2 and Timeline 3


Timeline 1

Timeline 2 and Timeline 3

Family and relatives


Timeline 1

Timeline 2 and Timeline 3


Timeline 1

Timeline 2 and Timeline 3

  • Christianity

Favorites, hobbies, interests, etc.



  • Badminton player




Expeditionary Admiral Grant Calliope was the commander-in-chief, possibly superior, supreme or penultimate, of the United Earth Federation armed forces. Grant was beginning an evacuation due to Earth's destruction by the Galactic Empire. Though the admiral himself asks Admiral Vassily Aleksander Petrenko, his second-in-command and captain of the UEFS Fallen Sun, to go to Equestria. He brought in more reinforcements as he was promised. He was, however, able to support but was confronted by Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, the UED itself, does not take hostile action. He was befriended by Celestia and Luna, due to his return of saying "I Shall Return", a reference to General Douglas MacArthur's quote. They began mass producing the AMTs for safety protection, but the admiral himself, has a reputation for using Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge Defensive Buildings, which makes all nervous, too nervous. He built a UED/US Recon base for basic intellegence, supplies and for recon. In the alternative timeline aka the Modern TGWDL, he was notified by Major Rikov Petrov Budenny that the Universal Generation has invaded the Earths and later knows about the World of Harmony.


Grant Gerard DuGalle Calliope/Story

Liberation of the Known WorldEdit

He has won many battles, notably saying that he "won thirty battle over the top of the Fourth Reich. Even now, the world's now war was over." Stating that he had won the war.

The War Horse Day PageantEdit

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  • He owns some files about military projects and also owns a British-made clock similar to the one from the 1998 video game Jeff Wayne's The War of the Worlds.