Jerry Mouse
Jerry Mouse
Born: April 19th, 1931
Died January 7th, 2179 (Age: 247)
Nationality: America
  • Joseph Barbera
  • William Hanna
Occupation: Actor/Military Leader
Gender: Male
Species: Mouse
Unit: Moses Empire 1991-1993
Place of Birth: Los Angelas of California Old Earth

Jerry Mouse was the secondary Protagonists of Hanna and Barbera's Tom & Jerry series in which the brown mouse was created in order to torment Tom, and run from the giant cat. Though several' attempts by Jerry in which Irritate Tom would eventually back fire after Tom loses his Temper and results towards his defeat at an end of an episode.

However following the Vietnam Conflict in the 1970's and the major downfall of the Tom & Jerry Show in 1975, due to the Vietnam War entering and Occupying American Soil since 1969, leaving both Tom & Jerry out of work.

Jerry Mouse became obsessed with finding away in order to end all war, so that other cartoons and actors would never again be laid off of a work, (Which Unknown to him, was that both He and Tom were the only Cartoons in Reality).

This Result would later lead into a Conflict in the Early 1990's 14 years after Jerry had mysteriously hit an asteroid and crashed on Planet Neptune. Though Jerry had triumphed in conquering North America, and repelling several United Nation interference forces against his Faction the Moses Empire, His formal Telivision partner and Primary protagonist of their former Series, Tom the Cat, took over for the UCF, and later defeated him by 1993. 

Jerry would spend the next 20 years inside Cartoon Jail, and was replaced in the future TV Shows by a drawn version of him, in which reprised his role while the original Tom continued his role in the New Tom & Jerry Tales Show, which aired from 2003 up to 2008. By November 1st, of 2013, and managed to reprise his roll, in the 2013 Cartoon Short Tom & Jerry Imagination Land.

During the Galactic War, Jerry and Tom returned to military duty in leading forces against the Universal Generation during the New Earth Theater from 2178 up to 2179, but on January 7th, of 2179, Jerry died, during the Aeris Island Engagement after loring the Universal Generation Counter attack away from Tom's forces and instead diverted them towards his company instead.

Jerry's death in 2179, would fill Tom with Sorrow, and was later stated by Rivera, that It took Tom a grand total of 15 years in order to get over Jerry's death in 2179, and for his heart to Heal.

His death would also prevail Tom into joining Equestria's humble Musical Pagaent which represented War Horse Day on the night that the Universal Generation Invaded and almost conqured Equestria from 2172 to 2175.


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