UEF Military Forces Equestria Headquarters

North of Ponyville


Equestria - West


None, only protected by military base defenses; possibly in the grassy hills


Military headquarters


Request flag of united earth fed by generalhelghast-d58nlsz UEF Armed Forces
Faction USMC Coalition Directorate
U.S. Marine Corps Forces, Pacific insignia Marine Forces Equestria

The UEF Military Forces Equestria Headquarters was sometimes random, possibly a Reichstag, or a Commander Bunker. Scarlet confirms it's a Command Bunker.


Though its headquarters resembles a building with one opening, a series of staircase was a two-storey staircase. This might be that the headquarters was a Command Bunker, which resembles the Fuhrerbunker. The Commander Five nicknames it "Commandergrad", because it was a RA3 Soviet conscript who thought it.

Bunker guardEdit

The only guard who's guarding outside was a RA3 Soviet conscript, except guarding the inside with three conscripts. His name was Oleg Cherdenko, Premier Cherdenko's cousin. He only guards the door outside by daytime and guards the door inside with three conscripts. He sometimes noticed a bad cupcake during the time, when tasting it, another conscript tells him not to eat it. They noticed there's some worms, possibly Cmdr5. Sherman's dismayance.

Contaminated Food Outbreak or C.F.O.Edit

The Bunker always had an alarm everywhere, which the C.F.O. was the problems. A conscript noticed it begins to eat but was stopped by another conscript. They know it's filled with worms, which fully alarms many personnel. The Commander Five ordered Oleg Petrenko NOT to eat C.F.'s, if eaten it'll caused problems - MENTAL problems, as said by Admiral DuGalle. A UED Admiral, part of the UEF and MFE cabinets, has ordered that every C.F.'s destroyed. This might be known as the Contaminated Food Outbreaks, because all personnel were in full alert. Sometimes the song Morituri te Salutant, Latin for Those About To Die Salute You, was played once the alarm has been raised. But the Mane Six, converses with Oleg Cherdenko, said that every Contaminated Foods be destroyed before it'll spread everywhere. The Commandergrad has been alarmed, because contaminated foods were rising.


The Contaminated Foods will rise if the Commandergrad base was sleepily alarmed. Once raised, the base was now fully alarmed and aware of it. There's no ways the equines will get rid of them.


The only ways is to get rid of them, by burning, destroying, removed, or quarantine. The Commander Five was known for burning infected foods. He sends in the conscripts armed with molotov coctails.


R.F.F.S.7 Invasion 2172 Edit

First Battle Of MFE 2174Edit

On December 26, 2174, 3 days after The Destruction of the Star Walks. The FS7 Responed back at Celestia, with a single Star Arora Class Cruiser, the RHM Longora that attacked the MFE, and started deploying troops. Earlier in the battle the FS7 managed to take out UEF anti-aircraft defense gun at Airview Base near MFE and the COM outpost at Luna Station. Eventually, The Mane 6 was dropped in from the Griffions and Dragons drove the FS7 away from MFE HQ. Spike and Twilight Sparkle landed in the main courtyard of the base and drove the FS7 away from the main building. They then made their way to the gate of the complex. Spike used a target locator to designate two Rudder 1's assaulting the base and orbital defenses bombarded the two Submarine tanks. Spike and Twilight both brought Lyer Base and Luna Station back online and made their way back inside the base. Once inside they battled their way to the top floor of the building and assisted in the destruction of incoming Helloras and Raiders. Once hostile air was cleared, two Longswords drove the The Longora, away from the base and an orbital MAC cannon destroyed it.

Second Battle and DestructionEdit

Shortly after, the FS7 launched a full invasion on Equestria In 2175, The MFE Head Quarters was ultimately invaded a Second time resulting in the deaths of most its Staff and Ponies in the region around the MFE. The FS7 forces at the facility soon realized that the base was built on top of a Special Link Site, to Princess Celestia. The FS7 reinforced the ruined facility with numerous ground forces and two anti-air cannons. The Mane 6 was dispatched to destroy the site and prevent any of the facility's secrets from falling into the FS7's hands. The Mane 6 was soon contacted by Young Admiral who asked them to take a package from him through the tunnel link, to Celestia at Stailongrad. During the package's recovery, the FS7 discovered the Tunnel to Princess Celestia ruin was actually reachable through the frozen lake near the MFE Head Quarters and began sending numerous Raiders and Helo's to secure the site. Both the MFE Head Quarters and the tunnel connecting to Princess Celestia were ultimately destroyed by an explosive charge in order to prevent them from falling into FS7 hands, and allowing the Genocidal Androids to reach the Princess.

After Bases Destruction Edit

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