Operation: Trouble on the Homefront
Previous level Black Hole
Next level Invasion of Equestria
Team Earth Federation
  • Seventh Battalion., Fifth Military and Special Operations Command Forces
    • 1st Scarlet Marines
    • 1st Military Expeditionary Corps
    • 1st-2nd BN., 75th Marine/Ranger Brigades/Regiment and Special Forces

Tyranid Fleet

  • Hive Fleet Overlord
Weapons Earth Federation Weapons

Assault Rifles:

  • M4A2 w/ tasco red sight
  • M4A2 w/ Hybrid Sight
  • M4A2 Grenadier w/ sight attachments
  • Ak-49
  • AK-49 Grenadier
  • Ak-49 w/ sight attachments
  • Ak-94 w/ any attachments

Submachine Guns:

  • MP55
  • MP55k w/ or w/out attachments
  • AKS-94U w/ or w/out attachments

Machine Guns:

  • MG36
  • M240
  • M249 SAW
  • RPD
  • RPK
Enemy weapons Claws?
Place Diablo-class vessel/flagship/homeship
Objective Earth Federations:
  • Investigate the Diablo-class vessel
  • Find any survivors
  • Get out of the Diablo ship

Operation: Trouble on the Homefront was an operation after the beginning of the end of all ponies and the pony space events. It was a reference to the game Pony Space, which is an MLP-FIM and Dead Space game.

Notable membersEdit

  • 7th BN., 5th M Brgd & SOCOM Forces - Earth Federation
    • 1st-2nd MEC and 1st Scarlet Marines
    1. MajSgt - CWC6 Jonathan Paul Jake Johnson
    2. 2nd Pvt. Grant P. Jonathan
    3. Speclist Pvt. Grant H. Francis
    • MarForEq
    1. Pvt - CWC5 Grant V. Shermany
    2. Capt Col Vladimir R. Makarov
    3. Lieutenant Captain Nikolai Bellic
    • 1st-2nd BN., 7th Marine/Ranger Brgd/Rgmnt
    1. Major Captain Dimitri Harkov Petrenko
    2. Lieutenant Captain Andrey Harkov Petrenko
    3. Corporal Dimitri Petrenko (Name and soldier)
    4. Private Vasili Zhukov
    5. Private Vasili Bodarenko
    6. Sergeant Dimitri Bodarenko
  • Survivors
    • Pinkie Pie/Pinkamena Diane Pie


  • Slow - Earth Pony Zombies
  • Medium - Unicorn Zombies
  • Fast - Pegasus Zombies
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