Nazi Invasion of Equestria...2013
United Nazi War In Equestria
Date: July 9th, 2013 - July 29th, 2013
Conflict: United Nazi War

Primary Forces



Region: Ponyville, Equestria
Status: Nazi Victory...
  • SS Capture Princess Luna, Begin to make their way back to the Warp Zone...
  • SS Are stopped, Luna freed, by Rivera & Mane Six...
  • Arrival of the USMEF and the NSUEF from Earth...
Operation: Serge


Operation Serge Was A Nazi Operation, when Hitler discovered My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic In May of 2013, after a failed Invasion of Neira Island.

Nazi attentions began to focus on the world of Harmony. The Attack composed of a Nazi task force who forced Bronies, of Nazi-occupied New England, into creating a special machine that will allow the SS to send their forces into Equestria and capture Princess Luna, in an attempt to use her magic against the 21st Century. The operation ended in success, at first, but Luna was rescued, by both Rivera, and the Mane 6, before they could escape back to reality in Occupied New England.

It was soon discovered by Rivera, that the reason of their victory, was mostly due to the aide of 2091riveraisrael on beating the SS At their own game with his works of Creativity in making Rivera stronger, and able to withstand the bullets and shells from the SS. Thrown at him from The SS.

Preparation Edit

The Wehrmacht and the Schutzstaffel were preparing for the war when they discovered My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Theypreparation - collect the bronies and kidnap Princess Luna.

Discovering Friendship Is Magic on TVEdit

The Wehrmacht and SS were planning for an assault when they saw MLP-FIM - the favorite show of Admiral Calliope, Vice Admiral Vasily, Navy Captain Sherman, and Colonel Makarov. The Nazis found an idea, if they capture Princess Luna, they will be using her for their own purposes, for the War effort, but they lacked an expeditionary force to capture her.


Their ideas of creating their own expeditionary/military pacification force borrows from the Starcraft: Brood War Manual. This caused Fuhrer Adolf Hitler to form their own force - the Nazi German Expeditionary Force. With the force he will capture her and all of Equestria. The first problem is that a portal has to be constructed and another was to collect bronies.

Collecting Bronies For LaborEdit

The Nazis begun capturing Bronies for labor from all over New England - as they were unaware of the 4th Marine Expeditionary Force under Captain Sherman's command. With the capture of all bronies and pegasisters completed, they begun to build a portal and enters Equestria........ undetected.

Little did Nazi Germany know that since they left reality, they could make themselves more advanced, and instead of having World War II Tech, they can imagine themselves too be more futureristic. This act was never discovered throughout Nazi Germany's time in Equestria at the time.

The Kidnapping Edit

Fall of ManehattanEdit

Main article: Battle of Manehattan

The first major Battle of Nazi Invasion of Equestria began In the city of Manehattan. It was the first major engagment on Equestria between Nazi Germany, and the Equestrian Armed forces. It was also known to be the first major battle of the Nazi Operation Serge. Princess Celestia discovers who the invaders are, after the fall of the city, about 2 days later.

The attack started when a large group of Ponies playing in the beach came under fire from a large Nazi Beach Invasion. Princess Celestia later discovers who the Identidy of the Invaders are, after there defeat at Manehattan, by Managing too Snatch one of the SS Soldiers as a Prisoner of war, marking the first time in Equestrian history that the pony world would hold a human prisoner.

By July 2013, Princess Celestia and all of Equestria were enjoying a lovely day in which sadly would soon turn into a warzone. Around 10:00Pm, the ponies caught weary of a sudden new contact, that was approaching from the sea. The cause of how the contacts appeared from the sea were completely unknown, that no pony not even Rivera, or the Mane 6 could decipher it. The contacts at the time appeared too be still, and were not moving what so ever. Celestia sensed that the contacts were not of pony race, but of a race of 2 legs and 2 arms.

By July 2nd, the Contacts began too move, Rivera calculated the number and was amazed. These were no contacts, but an army of about 7,000,000 Contacts. The unknowns began to part south towards the continent towards Nostral Sound. Rivera now worried on the where abouts of these contacts later heads out with Israel too investigate, despite Twilight's pleas not too go.

Rivera and Israel arrived at Nostral sounds, where thousands of fillies, colts, and grown ponies were enjoying the summer time at the beach. The Mane 6, than arrived too aide in the investigation, but as the hours passed the Contacts were no longer seen. However just when Rivera, Israel, and the Mane 6 were about too turn around too head back into the city, Large objects, pretty much too the 20's showed up in the horizon. Rivera did not know who the objects belong too, but knew already what they were. "Shit Battleship's and Destroyers!" He cried out as the ships drew closer, before opening fire on the beaches. The ponies that were once enjoying the summer were now all panicking and began too swim back too there parents, some of them didn't make it, in time. Israel than ordered the Mane 6, too warn the Princess that these contacts were indeed hostile. Just than 2 large frigates arrived from behind the destroyers and opened up it's bow doors. Rivera and Israel watched as it let out Amphibious craft as it made it's way towards the beach.

A couple of armed forces that were in the city automatically took up defensive positions along the beach, but there strength in numbers would be revealed weak compared too the strength of the unknowns. The unknowns landed on the beach recieving continus fire from Magic destruction blasts, bows and arrows and Spears, but the Unknowns surged fowared using shell holes for for cover, and began too slowly make there way up towards the defenders.

Just than an unknown arrived with an MG.42 on his back and began too thrive off the defenses one pony at a time. The ponies were amazed at this type of weapon for they have never seen anything like it before. Just than Rivera recognizes the MG.42, and soldiers. "It can't be!" He said with fear. Just than planes popped from out of the clouds and began too bomb the beach into ruble in which caused panic and confusion within the Equestrian ranks. Unknowns than charged a full strength into the Ponies defensive lines, even though they managed too kill a large number, the defenders were soon overrun. Realizing that the beach is lost the defenders retreated too Manehattan with the unknowns hot on there tales.


Identity of Invaders DiscoveredEdit

Invasion Of PonyvilleEdit

Main article: Occupation of Ponyville

Marked the end of Nazi Germany's Blitzkrieg of Equestria, as well as a massive break through passed Princess Celestia's last line of defenese between Ponyville, and Canterlot, in the high mountains over looking the pony village. Hitler instead of another attack decides to Negotiate with Celestia, in which was a huge fraud in order too send 20 soldiers, into the castle escorted by a Half Track, in order too negotiate with Princess Celestia, than capture Princess Luna with another military unit inside Black Crow drop ships, while the negotiations were going on. Hitler knew for a fact that this plan could no longer fail.

2091riveraisrael however caught wift of the idea, due too Fegelein's stupidity in which allowed him too quickly wright in his stories that Canterlot had more guards, in Princess Celestia's room rather than the ground, but his plans back fired when en error on his mac occurred, and he had too restart, by the time the computer got back online, it was too late Nazi Germany had already snatched Princess Luna.

Canterlot RaidEdit

At Midnight, around 12:00Pm A Single Nazi Halftrack filled with about 20 foot soldiers, wherein cloaks arrived into the city gates, and entered the Canterlot palace. Nazi Germnay sent expanded there forces forward taking control of the fields under the Canterlot, but remained hidden. In fact they were so hiddin that no pony not even Princess Celestia could see them. The SS then sent an invoice too Canterlot with demands for surrender, and also kidnapped Princess Luna in the wake.

Capturing LunaEdit

Once The SS occupied Ponyville, Nazi Germany sent an invoice to Canterlot to give their demands to Princess Celestia However, Little did Canterlot know was that the demands of surrender were nothing more but frauds, for Nazi Germany had also come out with other plans in orders to kidnap Princess Luna from within her own home, while the soldiers down below destracted the elder Princess, along with Rivera, and Israel being there along side her during the negotiations with the terms of Surrender. Black Crow Drop Ships asseneded towards Luna's tower,  Allowing SS too and break into the Luna's room and seize her.

Realizing that the surrender was a fraud, Princess Celestia, and the Canterlot Guards attacked the SS that were in the tower, but were easily repelled by the Half Track. Immediately after Luna was captured, the SS than leaped back aboard the Black Crow Drop ship and escaped the Capital, back too occupied Ponyville, where she was going too be send by land back towards the portal back too New England, under the watch of Nazi Guards.

The UNW SummitEdit
The UNW Summit

The Pegasus, Earth Pony, and Unicorn gather for a Summit in attempts on Princess Luna's capture...

The United Nazi War Summit also known as The UNW Summit Was a major sit down in Canterlot during Nazi Germany's invasion of Equestria in 2013. Rivera summoned the Summit, immiedailty after Princess Luna's capture, where him Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Godzilla, Israel, and Rarity began too discuss numurus ways in trying too bring back the princess of the night. However, two human Marines - Grant Dimitri Victor Sherman (between Platinum and Puddinghead), Navy Captain and Commander of the United States Fourth Marine Expeditionary Force and Vladimir Aleksander Makarov (between Hurricane and Puddinghead), Colonel and second-in-command of the US 4th Marine Expeditionary Force - have informed them about the Nazis planning to capture Princess Luna, but Rivera responsds saying that the Nazi's had already snatched her, after they idiotically became fools for actually falling for false Surrender negotiations. The marines tells them that Major Rikov Petrov Budenny must have misinformed them, and also they told them that the Nazis will use her for the war against their nations: the United States of America, the Russian Federation, and the Principality of Equestria. The USMEF and the NSUEF will intervene long enough for the Royal Equestrian Armed Forces to aid them. The only available for was the 7th Battalion, 5th Military Brigade - Special Operations Command of the USMEF and the 1st Battalion, 7th Military Brigade of the NSUEF. With a matter of luck the six of them hears the two Marines' information, they decided to let the United States Fourth Marine Expeditionary Force handle the Nazis.

Second Battle of PonyvilleEdit

The Great DepartEdit

Nazi's Ambushed On April HighwayEdit

Rescuing Princess LunaEdit

Royal Equestrian Armed Forces ArrivesEdit

Nazi WithdrawEdit

Nazi ReturnEdit

USMEF and NSUEF ArrivesEdit

Celestine Empire Allies ArrivesEdit

Aftermath Edit

After Luna was freed, the Wehrmacht and the Schutzstaffel returned back to New England in Humiliation. Hitler enraged ordered the SS To return to Equestria to get the Princess, but the Machine that brought the SS To Equestria was destroyed by a group of Bronies, that attack them without warning. Though the Rebellion has been crushed with the help of Armored units, the Bronies of New England managed to destroy the Machine that they have created under the direct pressure of the SS. 2091riveraisrael later drew out one of his stories making Rivera, one of his most popular creations on, to defend Princess Luna if the SS Should find a way back into the Freindship is Magic Universe.

Music Edit

  • It's A Good Day To Die; used as a piece for the propaganda against National socialism by the USMEF, and the NSUEF.

Trivia Edit

  • It was discovered that 2091riveraisrael was the one responsible for the Equestrian Victory...
  • Operation Serge, was a Parody to the Fire & Ice film of 1987... With the Gargoyels capturing Princess Teegra...
  • The Invasion of Equestria, was the exact same tactic as the Nazi Invasion of New England in 2011, the only diffrence in the event, was that the SS were defeated instead of becoming the Victor...
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