Rainbow Dash
Rainbow Dash if...! S2E22
Born: April 3rd, 2008
Kind: Pegasus
Gender: Female
  • Weather Control
  • Ministries Of Mares
Love Interest:

Horace Rivera

Rainbow Dash is a Pegasus pony and a main character in My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. She is responsible for maintaining the weather and clearing the skies in Ponyville. She is also a huge admirer of The Wonderbolts and dreams of joining their flying group. She represents the element of loyalty. Her main love Interest is Rivera, in which she harbors a close rivalry, with Princess Luna, Twilight Sparkle, and Applejack, in order to gain his love.

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Rainbow Dash first appears in Friendship is Magic, part 1, where she accidentally crashes into Twilight Sparkle, sending her into a mud puddle. They briefly get to know each other. After that, Rainbow Dash tells Twilight about her adoration for The Wonderbolts, and Rainbow Dash later joins Twilight and the other ponies in Friendship is Magic, part 2 on their quest for the Elements of Harmony. Just as the ponies are about to reach the castle where the Elements are located, Nightmare Moon takes the form of The Shadowbolts, doppelgangers of Rainbow Dash's personal heroes, The Wonderbolts. They try to persuade Rainbow Dash into joining their ranks and abandoning her companions, but Rainbow Dash remains loyal to her friends and declines their offer, which earns her the element of loyalty.

Dash's loyalty is put to the test in The Return of Harmony Part 1 and Part 2. She and her friends have to solve Discord's riddle and play by his rules to regain the Elements. During their mission, Dash falls victim to Discord's manipulation after he tells her that her home will crumble without her, and shows her a vision of Cloudsdale crumbling. Under Discord's influence, she abandons her friends to "save" a cloud she believes to be Cloudsdale. Right before Applejack spots Dash flying away, Twilight Sparkle reassures herself by saying Dash won't let them down, but then watches in disbelief as Dash speeds off. Discord reveals himself and informs other ponies that they have been disqualified, as one of his rules stated that if one of the ponies leaves, the game is over.

The following episode, when Twilight sets about finding her friends to undo what Discord had done to them with a "memory spell", Rainbow Dash dismisses Twilight's plight with "loyalty shmoyalty". Since she won't come close enough to Twilight for the spell to be performed, the ponies must combine their efforts to catch her and bring her to the ground. Her first words after her corruption is undone is "How's Ponyville? Where are the Elements? Did we stop Discord?" With Dash by their side again, the ponies wield the Elements of Harmony and defeat Discord with their magic.


Rainbow Dash is very confident in her abilities, which is often construed by others as laziness. When Twilight Sparkle first meets Rainbow Dash, she has none of her cloud cleanup work done, and lies idly on a cloud, putting off her work. Despite her apparent laziness, she performed her duty in "ten seconds flat", leaving Twilight wide-eyed at the sight. She languishes about in Griffon the Brush Off, The Cutie Pox, and Swarm of the Century, but springs into action in the last second when she's needed to help deal with the parasprite infestation, and leaves off for duty when she's needed in the first. She is the leader of the weather team in Winter Wrap Up and she volunteers to go on important missions with her friends, so despite her apparent laziness she is a hard-working, contributing pony.

She proudly says in Boast Busters that she's better than the rest of the ponies, but boos Trixie when Applejack gives her a scornful look. She and Applejack deride Twilight Sparkle in Fall Weather Friends for being an "egghead" and not having any experience with running outside of what she read in her book. However, both of them admire her magic in Boast Busters and tell her they're proud of her.

Rainbow Dash doesn't hide her annoyance at her friends' behavior, mostly with Fluttershy throughout season one. On the ponies' expedition in Dragonshy, Rainbow Dash is short with Fluttershy's shyness throughout their journey, in Suited for Success she angrily scolds her for suggesting panic, and in Sonic Rainboom she becomes so frustrated with Fluttershy's meek cheering that she does a pratfall. It is worth noting that despite her rude attitude towards Fluttershy, she doesn't apologize to her in the long run. She begrudgingly lets Rarity give her a makeover in Swarm of the Century, and keeps an annoyed frown on her face in the process. When Twilight Sparkle tries to convince Rarity in Suited For Success that she's not a laughing stock, Rainbow Dash rudely quips "she kind-of is". Like the other ponies' dresses, the dress she asked Rarity to make her is over the top, and it even includes a helmet styled much like the one worn by The Rocketeer. However, she wears the dress Rarity originally designed for her with a smile on her face when Rarity is given a second chance to redeem herself. Her shortness with Fluttershy eventually comes back to bite her in the beginning of Dragon Quest, where, in a parallel of Dragonshy, she tries to force Fluttershy go to the Dragon Migration because she went to the Butterfly Migration with her, however, Fluttershy angrily kicks her in the stomach as payback and runs off. She calls a dragon lame after seeing one do a trick, but then gets her coat singed after nearly getting burnt by another dragon's fire breath. She also mocks Spike in the same episode, but is then scolded by Rarity. In Hurricane Fluttershy, she is shown to have a great amount of patience and compassion for her friends. While Rainbow Dash remains supportive and encourages her to help, Fluttershy cannot overcome her fear of being humiliated for her lack of wing power. At the end, when Fluttershy succeeds in helping funnel the rain water to Cloudsdale, Rainbow Dash expresses her gratitude with an overjoyed hug, and proudly calls Fluttershy a champion flier.

Love Of ReadingEdit

Rainbow Dash discovers she loves reading in the episode Read It and Weep. When Twilight first offers her a book to read through her stay at the hospital, she rejects it and testily tosses away the book, saying "I'm a world-class athlete; reading's for eggheads like you, Twilight." After a short boredom montage, she picks up the book and discovers she loves reading, much to her chagrin. She spends much of the episode trying to hide the fact that she loves reading from her friends, and when she's discharged from the hospital she tries to get re-admitted so she could finish reading the book. The doctor recognizes that she's only feigning being ill and accuses her of laziness. Dash then tries to steal the book from the hospital, but gets caught red-handed and drops it while making her escape. She is pursued and eventually caught, and she admits she was after the book and that she loves reading. The episode concludes with Dash finishing the book and excitedly picking up another one, entitled 'Daring Do and the Griffin's Goblet'. She can also be seen reading another Daring Do book in A Friend in Deed.

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Rainbow Dash was captured on February, 6th, 2175, in the early stages of the Stalliongrad Campaign, she was among the surviving members of the Rainbow Bridgade, but was surprised attacked at Wing Hill, while trying to make her way towards the city, Of Stalliongrad, that was presently under siege from the FS7, but was not yet attacked. Rainbow was transported, by Dropship towards Fort Belgium, and was tossed mercilessly out into the Prisoner stadium. She landed on a large group of tents breaking both of her wings, but not as bad for her to still move Them. She later discovers Rivera, located among the crowd of Pony prisoners, and automatically rushed to hug him showing that she had been worried sick. Like Rivera, Rainbow Dash eventually allied herself with the Tunnel Ponies in hopes of escaping Fort Belgium, and fleeing Cloudsdale, but the guards of the FS7 proved to be more ruthless than what she had expected. Angered on what the FS7 were doing to her kind, she demanded for some of the Ponies to stand up, but the Pegasus, and Pegasai were too afraid to do anything, plus the reasons why was that the FS7 were starving them to death as well.

Rainbow Dash managed to save a little Colt, from being torment by Rouge Pegasus, that have gone nuts in the fortress wall, and were willing to kill there own kind just to get something to eat. Despite the Rouge Pegasus fleeing, Rainbow Dash returned the colt to his parents, than returned to Rivera. As the weeks passed, Rainbow Dash's wings eventually, healed, but there was no point, due that there was no way out of the fortress walls. Rivera however fell into sickness, but the effects were unknown to Rainbow Dash, until Fort Belgium's final months. Finally, the tunnel was completed, and the prisoners, attempted to escape, Rainbow Dash was the last to leave, close to Norton, but Norton was discovered, and shot by MG.42, and Ravage fire. With all of Fort Belgium unleashed, the surviving escappes attempt to make it towards the sky line, where they would jump off the fort, and hope that there wounded wings could glide them.

Rivera, and Rainbow Dash managed to make it to the Sky line, but are blocked by Strykers. At one point Rainbow attempts to fly over, but the Strykers, shoot her down, crippling her left wing. Rainbow Dash and Rivera than ended up once again captured, and were punished by Wing Hanging, along with the rest of the surviving prisoners, that were not shot down by the FS7. 2 days later Rivera, and Rainbow Dash were brought back into the Fortress walls, where Rainbow Dash starts to noticed Rivera's pour health, due to lack of eating, and water. Worried more than ever, she starts handing him food from her saddle, bag in small pieces in hopes that he would survive for at least a couple more months. These antics got Rivera, to slowly recover, and come up with a plan to take the Fort. The support for Rivera's planned turned into the thousands, that would later lead into an uprising. On April 1st, 2175, the Prisoners, breached the barrier, into the FS7 barracks, and destroyed many of the FS7 guards, supplies, fuel, and repair yards. Although the upraising was a huge success the FS7 responded in aggression, with the use of Hunters, Strykers, and Raider Drop Ships, in which would turn the Uprising into a large massacre, resulting into the death of Neela Lotta. Within moments the prisoners were forced back into the Prison Stadium, and threatened death if they were to Uprise again.

As the months continued on bad weather, lack of food, and water slowly began to effect Rainbow Dash, but that didn't stop her into sharing her food with Rivera. By November 4th, 2175, Rivera's sickness began taking a toll for the worst, unabling him to barley stand up. Rainbow Dash often never left Rivera's side, and would act as if she was his own personal nurse. Despite Rivera's grieving for Neela's death on April 1st, Rainbow would always comfort him as best as she could. Great news would later in spark Celebration amongst the prisoners, when a group of newly fresh UEF prisoners, arrived within the wall of Fort Belgium on November 12th during a stormy day, They were greeted by Rainbow Dash, warmly, who than asked how the fight was going, and if the Princess's were still alive. The newly soldiers responded by announcing that that Ponyville was re captured, along with 78% Of Equestria, and that the two Princess were now reinforced by both the Universal Earth Alliance, and the United Earth Federation Fleet. Rainbow Dash could feel tears of joy filling in her eyes, they were soon going to be free. Rivera however had doubts that he was going to live, but Rainbow Dash responds with her words, trying to keep him high spritied, while cleaned his muddy face.

"Just because there is no Food, and water, isn't the end of us. You head how Princess Celestia is doing, first Stalliongrad, Griffion Kingdom, Ponyville, Canterlot, We're going to be rescued" Rivera would just smile, and respond. "Canterlot is on the ground, and we're in the sky... The Military, will be heading from right under us." Rainbow just ignored the second compliment, and would continue to clear his filthy face. As the rain began to pound harder, Rainbow Dash would later cover him with her wings. Finally on December 24th, 2175, the UEF and UEA, Invaded fort Belgium and liberated the Pony death trap, finally allowing Rivera to meet up with Princess Luna again, in which she has been searching for most dearly.

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Rivera's death on July 25th, 2212 would later caused Rainbow Dash to go Insane throughout the rest of the war killing any FS7 In her path, showing no mercy to neither of the machines. Grant stated in his Journal that she had a hunger for Sparks on the one who founded the FS7 In the first place and cut his head off.

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