{{country data {{{1}}} | army/core | variant = | size = | name = United Earth Federation Assault Fleet }}The United Earth Federation Assault Fleet is the primary force in the UEF Space Naval Forces. They are part of the UEF during the entire wars. It's appearances was the Equestrian Civil War, which the tyrannous Solar Empire and the New Lunar Republic are fighting for. The appearances was the DSS Aleksander, 12 wraiths, and 2 Valkyrie frigates. 3 Dropships drops in infantries and vehicles, which was consisted of 2 M1 Abrams Tanks, 6 Delta Force Marines, 3 Delta Force Anti-Armor, and 1 Delta Force Sniper. The DSS Aleksander was commanded by Admiral Grant Gerard D. Calliope, the founder of the United Earth Federation.

MarForEq - UEFAF OperationsEdit

MARFOREQ begins a coalition movement with the UEFAF to get destroy the 5th Zebrican Navy who started the attack on the Pearl Harbor Base located underneath Vaporia. The MarForEq - UEFAF Forces begins to find the location of the 5th Zebrican Navy, which is near Boardar. They destroyed the REAL 5th Zebrican Navy. AFter their return to the Pearl Habror Base, EF HQ said that they received a transmission from a unicorn named "Starbeam Twinkle". The Assault Fleet aids the Marine Forces Equestria with superior firepowers, during the Joint Operation: Sunstrike.