United States of America
800px-Flag of the United States (Pantone).svg
American Flag
Found In Earth


City Washington DC
Country America
Continent Equestrian-Griffin Kingdom border
Controlled By Obama

US Vice President US President

Leaders US President

US Vice President President Obama

Engagements World War III

Galactic War
Colonization First Contact
Equestrian Civil War
Galactic Undead War
World War III

United States of America was the country located in the middle of the Equestria-Griffin Kingdom borders. USA was part of a known coalition government armed forces known as the Earth Federation. It was part of Operation: Trouble on the Homefront, the only members of that Operation is Major Sergeant - Chief Warrant Commander Six Jonathan Paul Jake Johnson, commander of the First Military Expeditionary Corps, Second Private Grant Passay Jonathan, Specialist Private Grant Henry Francis, and Staff Sergeant Scarlet James Twilight Ranger of the First Scarlet Marines regiment. Operation: Trouble on the Homefront was coalition operation about the events of the end of all ponies and the pony space.

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