Faction USMC Vladimir Romanovich Makarov
393px-Full Makarov MW3
Nickname(s) Kingfish
Rank Captain Colonel
Affiliations Faction USMC Coalition Forces, MARFOREQ
Status Alive, dead by laughing
Killed By Watching the Laugh 4 Gags show
Birth October 4, 1970, Ivanovo, Russia
Death December 29th, 2292 (321)
Weapon M4A1 Suppressed w/ Tasco Red Sight/Hybrid Sight

Makarov's Pistol of Chemical Strikes

Captain Colonel Vladimir Romanovich Makarov, aka "Kingfish", was Sherman/Admiral Grant's best friend and second-in-command during the galactic conflicts. He was Cmdr5. Sherman's best friend and second in command of the Marine Forces Equestria of the Seventh Battalion and 5th Military Brigade and Special Forces. He was known for being a laughter while watching Laugh 4 Gags.

Markarov saw action during the Galactic War, due to his race being that of a Video Game related character, and took part in the defense of Russia, and most stealth missions all over Occupied earth, against the Universal Generation.

It is unclear that he took part in the final Push against Regents in the mid 23rd century from 2247 up to 2289.

By November 2nd, 2291, Vladimir Makarov suffered from a massive stroke as his gamer coding keeping his character intact began to dwindle, he eventually he passed away, on December 29th, that same year and was buried at Salvaestapol Cemetery in the year 2292.

He was replaced by Valery A. Makarov and, lately, Ushanka Mosin Aleksander Zoborov - an anime OC - in the Scarletverse.

Disbanding and ReassemblingEdit

After the disbanding of the UEF and the LEM, he was met by his old friend Sherman, a retired member of the disbanded Marine Forces Equestria. They helped CJ by driving his car to the hood, while being chased by the police. Harkovich then shoots his pistol and tells his thieves who are they, but Admiral Grant replies "Hey! Hey! Hey! Take it easy! It's me - Calliope and Commander Sherman!" Harkovich, who remembers Sherman his homie, the 3 then gracefully reunited and tells the police to go home or else he'll call the nearly and bearby disbanded Marine Forces. The police said to show them, and Harkovich then said with a pleasure, Harkovich then blows the whistle and many nearly and nearby disbanded Marines then aims their weapons at the police, who are shocked and begins to go back to their duties. Harkovich tells Makarov why he steals his car, Makarov then points his finger at CJ. CJ was Carl Johnson, and Harkovich then says to go back to the hood or else the Ballas knows they are here. The marines then brings them back to the hood, where a waiting Andrey Petrenko and a person who's eating borsch was Major Petrenko - the Map Pointer. The group then reunites with the three, and had CJ go into the Johnson House. After an hour, Makarov then tells them that a marine corps platoon, assigned by the US Marine Corps, begins to tell the informations to the Cemetery that the area looks clear. After the marines (disguised as civilians or MW3 loyalists models) were stationing the places, the team then goes to the graves. After an hour, the ultranationalists then witnessed the Kilo Tray Ballas members, who begins shooting at the people, causing them to shoot back, the results was Harkov Petrenko's car, destroyed. The affection of Harkov's now destroyed car has fueled Harkov's anger for the Ballas, had ordered and broadcasts that the Ballas destroyed his once favored car. A military invasion force and rest of the 1st/2nd/3rd military expeditionary force begins to fight back, while Sherman wrote the words "Drawfriends Stuff #282" in his note pad, most likely the one from here. Sherman also wrote Drawfriends Stuff #284, from here.

Britannia attacksEdit

The riot begins as the joint invasion and the expeditionary forces begins to push the Ballas back, however, a blast caused by the Britannian Armed Forces destroyed a nearby building, using bombs to destroy the building, almost hits some of the Marine Forces Equestria. They investigated that its the Britannian Marine Corps who destroyed the building and causing civilian casualties. Makarov cannot believe it, as the Britannian marines almost killed many utranationalists and loyalists. Commander Sherman then postpones the assault and orders for the intervention of Britannia.

Ceph attacksEdit

Makarov, along with his superior Marine Commander Sherman, the VDV engineer Lieutenant Yura Bodanov, VDVMajor Captain Dimitri H. Petrenko, VDV Lieuntenant Captain Andrey H. Petrenko, and the rest of the Marine-VDV-SAS forces were hiding in action due to the Ceph virus. They were hiding were the Pentagon flood Downtown Manhattan, his mentor was saying that the enemy was the Ceph. The team, only consisted of Andrey, Major Petrenko, Yura, Passay, Jonathan, Sherman, Makarov, Dimitry Petrov, Stalker-3, and Scarlet, were the only ones who used gas masks. When they advance, they saw Ceph and C.E.L.L. forces.

The Galactic War Edit

Hatred Of The Universal GenerationEdit

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When The Galactic Conflict Broke Out on Earth In 2164 during the War's second Era, Makarov was at the time takin refuge in Moscow Russia at the time of the FS7 Invasion. The War however shifted across the rest of the Earth from Asia, to the Middle East later bringing the war streight to Russia.

Fall of RussiaEdit

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Universal Generation Invasion Of EquestriaEdit

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Siege of New YorkEdit

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Martian Siege of EarthEdit

Makarov was seen in the DSS Aleksander as the flagship's interception colonel.